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Monday, April 22, 2013

A bouquet of cinematic scares awaits you this spring and summer at the movie trailer park

While the spring and summer movie season is not always a feast for the eyes of horror fans,even this year offers a few gruesome gems for folks of that persuasion to enjoy. Just this past weekend,musician/director Rob Zombie opened up his latest fright flick,The Lords of Salem,and received a fair number of positive reviews.

 The movie stars Rob's lovely wife,Sheri Moon Zombie,as Heidi,a DJ who gets a mysterious box containing a vinyl record that causes bizarre visions to appear to those who listen. Despite the terrifying results of the record,it does get air play and many are drawn to the bewitching power of the music and a concert for the Lords is planned,which may bring down the house in more ways than one:

 Despite the fact that the Twilight saga has ended for movie goers,vampires will still be making their presence known on the silver screen this May. Kiss of the Damned stars Milo Ventimiglia as Paolo,a young screenwriter who falls hopelessly in love with Djuna(Josephine de La Baume) who is reluctant to bring him into her eternally dark world.

Once she does,however,more complications arise as her devil may care sister Mimi drops by for a visit. Mimi's flouting of the rules that govern their blood drinking society puts them all at risk and forces both Paolo and Djuna to make choices that test the limits of their love and mutual blood lust:

The ghost story is the little black dress of the horror genre;it never really goes out of style. This July,you'll see the latest spooky number on display with The Conjuring. The movie is based on the exploits of real life husband and wife paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren(Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga) who for the most part,tended to disprove rather than prove the existence of haunted houses.

However,when the Warrens went to check out the strange goings-on at the Rhode Island farm house where the beleaguered Perron family insisted was under supernatural siege,they soon realized that this was an experience unlike any other they had encountered before:

 The true rose among these thorny films,however,may prove to be You're Next. This low budget film takes place at a family reunion,where the Dawson clan seems truly happy to be together.

That good mood is soon shattered by a set of lethal party crashers who make their deadly intentions known right away. As the Dawsons seek safe places to hide,one of their invited guests decides to rise to the grisly challenge of survival and takes brutal charge of the situation. You're Next is due in August and I wouldn't be surprised to see it become the sinister sleeper hit of the season:

While most film goers will choose to bask in the shade of blockbuster fare this spring and summer,I find that it may be best to cool off during those long hot days with a chilling fear flick instead. Such a movie can be frightfully refreshing and provide a real relief from the rest of those 500 days of summer indeed:

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