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Thursday, April 04, 2013

A TAR team's triple play,Games of Thrones' memorable father-son moment and the winner of Worst Cooks is.....

  A team that is doing better than expected on The Amazing Race this season are the hockey playing brothers,Bates and Anthony. At the start of the latest leg(which was still in Botswna),they had won twice in a row and their luck increased by being the first ones to tackle the Fast Forward made available upon the first clue.

The FF required the guys to water ski in crocodile infested waters,a pretty daunting task to take up.Despite some hesitation(which was understandable),Team Hockey sailed through this challenge and took a third victory lap for their troubles. The fellas are going strong here and since they seem like good guys,rooting for them to win is not hard here. It's a shame that Pam and Winnie are no longer in the running,they were having a good streak as well. At least they did their best and have a good attitude about the whole thing:

The finale of Worst Cooks in America had Rasheeda for Chef Anne and Alina for Bobby Flay to prove to the panel of three judges which professional taught their recruit the best.

 With the first course,Rasheeda's egg filled ravioli gave her side an early lead over Alina's lobster dish that was overwhelmed by garlic. However, Alina's entree and dessert made strong strides over Rasheeda's and much to everyone's surprise,she earned a win for Bobby as well as herself.

Chef Anne was a good sport about her 3-0 winner's streak coming to an end but no doubt,she'll be all fired up for a rematch next year. Congrats to both Rasheeda and Alina for improving their cooking skills,a gift that will keep on giving:

Season three of Games of Thrones began with catching up on who's been doing what since we last saw them,as Jon Snow meet up with Mance Rayder,the brewing warfare between Cersei and her son's new intended bride Margery and Dany stocking up on soldiers for her army.

 The scene that struck me the most in this episode was Tyrion's talk with his father,who has now taken over as Hand of the King. Tyrion did have the right to feel neglected,as neither his sister or Tywin made any effort to visit him during his recovery from the wounds he received at the Battle of Blackwater,not to mention wanting to claim Casterly Rock as his birthright.

However,Tywin made it quite clear that no matter what his youngest son did or deserved,he would never be given anything more that what his father was willing to grant for appearance's sake. You couldn't help but feel bad for Tyrion,who had briefly hoped that his mental merits would be appreciated for once:

Perhaps Tyrion should have known better than to trust in winning his father's approval at this juncture but then again, is it so much to ask to be acknowledged for saving King's Landing,particularly when Joffrey was less than useful(and Cersei ready to throw in the towel permanently as well) there?

Next time,we'll be seeing what's happening with Arya who's on the lam still,along with her younger brothers off on their own and Sansa will be dealing with a Q&A session with Margery's grandmother(played by Diana Rigg). Some might feel that this season got off to a slow start but patience is a virtue that does pay off on this series,so keep calm and tuned in:


MAD MEN: The sixth season premiere this upcoming Sunday is a two hour deal,so plan your TV schedule accordingly,folks. How bumpy this ride will be for Don Draper and friends is still uncertain but it will be one that you don't want to miss,that's for sure:

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