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Thursday, May 02, 2013

A TAR team undone by a double U-Turn,GOT wedding plans and a sad day of reflection for Mad Men

This next to the last of the legs on The Amazing Race was in Scotland and it kept two teams firmly at the back of the pack,Team Roller Derby(Mona and Beth) and Team YouTube(Joey and Meghan).

Try as they might,these two couples just couldn't surge ahead in order to avoid running neck in neck with one another. There was a Double U-Turn for the Detour challenges,which were to either stuff a haggis(and then taste the final product) or to roll a batch of whiskey barrels over to a dance hall.

 Naturally,both teams fell prey to the U-Turn(more of a strategic move on the part of the other front runners than a personal vendetta this time around). It was the barrel rolling that did Joey and Meghan in,causing them to be eliminated but you can't say that they didn't give it their best shot. Buck up,kids,there's always the All-Star version of TAR to shoot for:

 A lot of set-ups were made on Game of Thrones this week,as Jaime gave Brienne an earful of the real story behind his nickname Kingslayer, Dany got to know her Unsullied a bit better and Jon Snow got to know Ygritte a whole lot more in the flesh,so to speak

However,the person who got the biggest surprise was Tyrion. After a productive conversation with Lady Olenna regarding the expense of the upcoming wedding between Joffrey and Margery,he had a sit down with Tywin and Cersei about what to do with Sansa.

The plan to wed her to Loras was discovered and since Sansa may be "the key to the North"(given that if her brother Rob fails in his quest to conquer and things are looking bad on that front,she's the heiress to Winterfell),Tywin wants to nip this in the bud by marrying her off to Tyrion.

 Cersei finds that amusing until her father also demands that she marry Loras in order to quell the "disgusting rumors" about her and Jaime. Sansa is not going to like this and the only one who cares about her feelings on the matter is Tyrion,ironically enough. It's also ironic how Tywin takes no responsibility for how his kids have turned out,especially since most of their issues started on his watch:

Another real world event was depicted on Mad Men as the assassination of MLK made an impact upon the mostly insular lives of the characters. Folks did their best to respond appropriately(except for Harry,what an ass!) but were quite shaken up there.

 Don seemed to keep his usual cool for the most part,distracted only by his concerns for his mistress(who went to Washington D.C. with her husband just before it happened) and pretty much forced into checking in on his kids. Megan scolded him about his lack of interest in that department(echoing Betty's complaints that he never makes time for the children),which which rebounded in reflection for Don.

An unexpected bonding moment occurred with him and Bobby,as they went to a screening of Planet of the Apes. Bobby felt the need to reach out to a movie usher,which touched Don more than he anticipated and as he later drunkenly confessed to Megan,made him see his son as more of a person than just a responsibility thrust upon him.

 How much this new revelation will affect Don's future relationship with his off spring is yet to be seen,especially as they are growing up and away from him,but if he plans to change that status quo,he should get a move on:


THE VAMPIRE DIARIES: With most of the Originals off to New Orleans(looking forward to that spin-off next year),Stefan and Damon have more time this week to concentrate on awakening Elena's locked down humanity. Their methods,however,are bound to backfire in a rather bloody way:

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