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Thursday, May 16, 2013

Mad Men's merger troubles,graduation day on The Vampire Diaries and a couple of sweet Lannister moments on GOT

 Things kept moving along on Game of Thrones this week, as Dany prepared to free another city of slaves,Jon and Ygritte discussed their relationship and the most likely outcome for the Wildlings' attack plan and Gendry learned of his true parentage.

 Since George R. R. Martin wrote this episode(he does at least one per season), a lot of nifty dialogue was tossed around here,including a mini showdown between Joffery and his grandfather/Hand of the King Tywin. This scene wasn't in the book but you can't blame GRRM for having some fun with these characters, as Tywin elegantly managed to intimidate his psychotic spoiled brat of a grandson while still offering him the respect due to a king:

 The other major Lannister scene belonged to Jaime, who had gotten his captors to agree to bring him to King's Landing(on condition that he not blame them for his missing hand).

 That deal didn't include Brienne,however and when Jaime found out the vicious fate in store for her, he got the men accompanying him to go back for her.

 She had been tossed into a bear pit,with only a wooden sword to fight with and Brienne was doing her level best to fight off that big beast before Jaime showed up. Fortunately, he was able to save her from being ripped apart and forced the man holding her to have her leave with him. Jaime is still in my bad books but this was a nice redemption moment for him:

Mad Men dealt with the aftermath of the spontaneous merger between SCDP and CGC,with Don feeling the need to declare his dominance,as usual. While Ted is a more workaday type, Don likes to be the superstar and his power struggles at work extended to his affair with Sylvia.

 The two of them went a little 50 Shades of Grey, as they played a game of capture in a hotel room but soon enough, Sylvia got tired of it and called the whole thing off. Personally, I think that Don was worried about things getting too serious between them and sought to sabotage their love connection,yet still had regrets once it was over and done with. Being impulsive is a double edged sword and Our Man Draper had to take his cuts on the chin there:

It's graduation day on The Vampire Diaries but Bonnie may have a problem showing up, since she's dead. After taking her Expression powers to their breaking point in order to keep Jeremy alive, she woke up to find herself now a ghost.

 Fortunately, the power triangle that she set up to destroy Silas is still in play,meaning that she can interact with the living but so can the other Hunters who came back with Jeremy and who want to wipe out Silas themselves.

How anyone is going to get of this one,let alone have time for the whole cap and gown deal, is beyond me but rest assured, Caroline will use her super powers of determination to make it so:


FOOD NETWORK STAR: Season nine is set to start in June, with a fresh new pack of hopefuls ready to make their cooking show debut. Let's see if these foodie folk can cut the mustard and then some this summer, especially with the new twist thrown into the mix:

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