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Thursday, May 23, 2013

Tryion's bad joke on GOT,Mad Men crash harder than expected and Behind the Candelabra

With the next episode of Game of Thrones being a couple of weeks away, there's much to think about until then as Dany receives a new ally,Melisandre prepares Gendry for sacrifice and Arya is in the dubious company of The Hound.

The most major event of this past episode was the wedding of Tyrion and Sansa,with no real joy from either side of the aisle. Poor Sansa had the worst of it as Joffery took great delight in mocking both her and his uncle,from moving the step stool required for the cloaking portion of the ceremony to taunting the bride about visiting her on her wedding night.

  Things came to a head when Joffery tried to initiate the traditional "bedding" portion of the evening,where everyone drags the bride and groom to their bed chamber. Tyrion,being a bit drunk and fed up with his father's nagging about impregnating Sansa as soon as possible, was in no mood for such vicious folly and laid down the law to his nephew.

While he was entirely in the right in my opinion, it was a risky move to make and Granddaddy Tywin helped to smooth things over there(plus Tyrion amped up his drunken mood). As to the actual wedding night, Tyrion told Sansa that he would only make love to her when she wanted him to,a rather considerate attitude that hopefully will make her think better of her new husband. At the very least, she knows that he's willing to stand up to Joffery,who could use a little whittling down:

Things got surreal on Mad Men this week,as Don and several members of his creative team had a taste of the "vitamin shots" that one of their new CGC associates had to offer,courtesy of his own Dr. Feelgood.

Don was already a wreck,due to his break up with Sylvia and going on a three day mind trip didn't help him or the campaign for Chevy one bit. That neglect hit home, as Sally had to handle an intruder at her father's place all by herself which gave Betty ample opportunity to let Don have it(when did she turn blond again? Was it something I missed?).

 Perhaps some of this craziness will clear some of those cobwebs out of Don's brain and get him to properly focus on something positive in his life there. A slim hope,to be sure,but better than none:

Airing this Sunday on HBO is a new made for cable film about the secret love life of Liberace. Behind the Candelabra stars Michael Douglas as the charismatic costumed singer and is based on the memoir by Scot Thorson(played by Matt Damon),who was his lover for several years and wound up suing him for palimony.

 Steven Soderbergh directed this film and there's quite a cast on deck with the likes of Dan Ackroyd, Rob Lowe and Debbie Reynolds in key roles.

However, it's the relationship between Liberace and Scot that is the main attraction, particularly as Liberace strove to keep the true nature of his sexuality a deep secret from the world,regardless of the personal cost to him and others. This is definite must-see TV in my house this holiday weekend and I'm sure I won't be alone in that regard:


HGTV STAR: The name may have changed(yes, this is the show formerly known as Design Star) but the competition is still the same and the new season starts in June. Be there with your set square!:

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