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Tuesday, December 24, 2013

We need a little eighties Christmas music now!

Merry Christmas Eve,folks and as always at LRG,we round up a selection of holiday tunes to make your spirits bright until our next post(which should be this Friday).

Since I was feeling a tad nostalgic, the Christmas compilation for 2013 is all about the 1980s. There are some old favorites and a couple of newer choices on hand that I hope you all enjoy.

 Believe it or not, there was a lot to choose from and some from very unlikely artists(never knew Bananarama had a Christmas song,for one) but we narrowed it down to a set of seasonably suitable songs.

The first two holiday tunes presented here are from A Very Special Christmas,one of the better charity albums that came out during that decade.

 The best known track off of AVSC is Run-DMC's "Christmas in Hollis", a real rapper's delight that celebrates the down to earth joys of the holiday. The song was also featured in the original Die Hard movie and lately,was part of a car ad that had a pack of suburban moms grooving to it's rhymes regarding Santa,Christmas Day dinner and chilling like a snowman instead of a villain:

Another awesome song from that album was The Pointer Sisters' rendition of "Santa Claus is Coming to Town". The singing sibling team had a great run in the eighties, with several hit singles and a couple of Grammy awards to show for it. Just hearing them is a treat for any time of the year:

This next number is the equivalent of that fruitcake that everyone seems to get for Christmas and for some reason,can't ever really get rid of.

Yes,we have Wham! with "Last Christmas", which I am including as part of my holiday gift to my sister who finds much amusement in their oddly hokey musical contributions to the music scene of that time period.

I suppose it's tolerable enough,but if you wish to skip this one, I wouldn't blame you:

As a much needed palate cleanser,we have Hall and Oates with "Jingle Bell Rock". The video is a bit goofy but in a nice old school way:

To round things off, we include the song used as the theme of Bill Murray's take on A Christmas Carol,Scrooged. I actually saw this movie twice when it first came out in 1988 and while it's a mixed bag of goodies there, it does have a certain charm to it that makes it watchable at least once a year.

So,happy holidays and season's greetings to one and all, with hopes that you are able to relax with your loved ones during these days off from regular life. Whether or not you celebrate this end of the year time with or without Santa, the most important thing is that you get to look over the good that has come to you and put a little love in your heart for next year:


Thaddeus said...

Lady T, let me wish you now a belated happy holidays! I'm sorry but I had to step away from blogging for a while - I set my completed posts to publish and put a hold on every entry that wasn't done (my annual holiday review and yearly wrap-up, namely).

I have to say, I really love your musical choices here. Put a Little Love in Your Heart is a good song, even if Bill Murray's ad-libs at the end of it are one of the things I like least about Scrooged.

Die Hard has been the subject of several conversations these past two weeks, so I'm glad that Run DMC's track made it in there. It was a very inspired musical start, especially in establishing LA and Argyle the limo driver. It also serves as a fine counterpoint to the more traditional closing track, Let it Snow.

The part where I wanted to stand up and applaud you, though, came when you put up Last Christmas. Well done!

lady t said...

Thanks,Thaddeus and I hope your holiday time was fun. It's really due to my sister that Last Christmas made the cut here but I'm glad that somebody liked it:)