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Thursday, March 13, 2014

A happy day for a TAR:All Stars team,Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. secrets and Hell's Kitchen opens up again for satanic service

With last week's sad departure of Mark and Mallory,it was nice to see a struggling team do well this time out on TAR:All Stars.  It did help that this time out,one of them wasn't walking around with an injury(as they did their previous time on the race).

 The father/son duo of Dave and Connor did have some trouble during the Detour,which required all teams to build a raft to carry out their challenge,as their makeshift boat took them down to the second option and they were prepared for the first(which happened to be delivering a box of supplies).

The guys decided to go ashore and back track on land,carting that heavy crate all the way. Personally, I would have just gone with the second Detour since they were already there but this worked out nicely as they wound up being Team Number One at the Pit Stop:

However,we still had a team destined to depart and that dubious honor fell to Joey and Meghan. They also had raft trouble and a delay that they weren't able to overcome as well as Dave and Connor were.

Sorry,guys,better luck next time! Hey,with more than one team having a third try at this race, seeing Joey and Meghan again is not completely off the table:

It was quite the action packed episode of Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. this week,as Lady Sif descended from Asgard to track down escaped enchantress Lorelei(a plot point from Thor:The Dark World-I so need to see that).

Lorelei provided herself to be a formidable foe and her mind control over men caused some severe heartache for Melinda May as she informed her that Ward(who was under her spell) admitted that he had feelings for a female member of his team and "it's not you."-nice stiletto jab to the heart there,ouch! I do hope that this isn't the last we see of Lorelei,as we could use some top level villainy on this show:

A bigger development was Coulson casually quizzing Lady Sif about possible other alien visitors to earth,particularly ones with a blue hue to their skin and in the list of names she rattled off,Kree was mentioned.

To diehard Marvel fans,the Kree is a big deal since they play a prominent role in several superhero story lines and might even be featured in the next Avengers movie. With Coulson and now Skye having extraterrestrial blood in their veins, this lays open some serious possibilities and with Coulson now being determined to uncover as many secrets as he can about this,things are bound to get messy.

We're getting some promo Marvel special next week but when the new episode of AOS returns, this avenue is definitely going to be explored further:

Hell's Kitchen is ready to start up again tonight,as the standard pack of misfit chefs line up for culinary punishment.

By now,the formula for this competition is easy to predict and while it's not on the level of something like Top Chef,HK does offer some fiery fun to be had. I should just stay away but such delicious comfort(junk) food for thought is hard to resist,folks:


TATTOO NIGHTMARES: The latest season of this show is now airing at Spike on Tuesday nights at 11 and even if you're not into such personal artwork, you can at least appreciate the talents of the folk tasked to repair the damage caused by unfortunate tattoo decision such as Jasmine(who I am happy to say is a family friend),whose handiwork is truly amazing to behold:

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