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Thursday, March 06, 2014

A sad departure on TAR:All Stars,Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. returns again and Kat's out of the bag on The Vampire Diaries

As the second leg of this season of The Amazing Race:All Stars went on, it quickly became clear that Mark and Mallory were knee deep in trouble.

The Roadblock challenge had one team member build a mini car that needed to be taken to a children's center. Since Mark was carrying the completed car and getting it securely into the cab they were going to take, Mallory was asked to hold his backpack and what a big mistake that turned out to be!

 She put it down and forgot all about it,which put poor Mark in a tailspin as everything he had with him was in that bag. He insisted on going back for it,which she objected and even though Mallory had his passport on her person,leaving a backpack behind has never ended well for anyone on TAR:

They did retrieve the bag but lost so much time that they arrived last at the mat and were eliminated. Such a shame-too bad they didn't have the other Express Pass but Cord had handed that off to one of the Country Singer girls(Jennifer,who played him like a fiddle) during the wait time at the Roadblock.*sigh*  I do feel bad for Mark,first Bopper being too sick to compete and now this. If anyone deserves another shot at TAR, he and his good buddy should be first in line:

Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. came back from yet another hiatus this week,as Coulson and his crew did what they could to save Skye from dying.

 After perusing a few classified documents,the location of a possible miracle drug was determined and with the assist of Agent John Garrett(Bill Paxton,making a very welcome appearance here),managed to find that special medicine in the nick of time although it was not without a little risk there:

Lots of good moments in this episode such as Coulson seeing more that he wanted to in a secret room marked "T.A.H.I.T.I"(which will hopefully open up a plot door or two down the line) and Melinda May going to town on the face of that creep who shot Skye.

 I figured that Skye would be revived somehow and with any luck, that near death experience will give her more of a clue to why she's so valuable to certain parties. Next week, we're getting some Asgard action as escaped villianess Lorelai is being pursued by Lady Sif(yes,she hangs out with Thor if you haven't seen those movies) and that should be some serious superhero fun:

Speaking of fun, The Vampire Diaries has had quite a bit of that recently with the latest plot line of Katherine taking over Elena's body(thanks to a Traveler's spell from her new found daughter Nadya) and now the Salvatore boys are finally catching on.

Granted,they're been pretty distracted lately with Damon having had that nasty Augustine formula injected into him that causes vampires to turn cannibal there but still, Katherine is not as savvy as she thinks! Her practically pushing a stake into Stefan's hands during that last deadly encounter with Damon was a huge bell going off and I'm glad that he and Caroline came to that obvious conclusion already. How this is going to play with Damon's new favor profile promises to be interesting,indeed:


CHOPPED: A new Tournament of Champions is starting up on Sunday while new regular episodes are airing on Tuesdays and I have to say that this series has become as busy as bee lately. Still loving it but hope that it doesn't wear out with all of this extra work:

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