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Wednesday, March 05, 2014

Fanny Price:Slayer of Vampires on sale and booking some Jane Austen goodness

This week is Read An Ebook week,which my publisher Smashwords likes to celebrate by holding a special sale where readers can score plenty of discounts and even free books.

With spring hopefully around the corner,I thought it was the perfect opportunity to share my own bits of online ivory and during this week,my new Jane Austen themed ebook Fanny Price:Slayer of Vampires is now available for free(along with the first two ebooks in my Chronicles of Copper Boom series,Party Overkill and A Chilling Warmth).

Just use the coupon code RW100 at the SW site to stake your claim to FP:SOV and/or The Chronicles of Copper Boom titles,plus check out the other great books on sale for Read An Ebook week as well. The sale ends March 8,so make haste as Mr. Collins would say!

In the meantime,I've gathered up a few scenes from Austen related films that showcase reading and books just to get you in the mood.

Granted,Becoming Jane was far from being an accurate portrayal of our dear Miss Austen but you must admit that this exchange between Anne Hathaway's Jane and James Mcvoy's Tom Lefroy is rather enchantingly saucy:

Next up is 2007's Northanger Abbey,where Catherine and Isabella bond over their love of "horrid books" at a local library in Bath.

I love how Catherine's face goes into sweet shock mode as her supposedly more worldly friend whispers a few spoilers from The Mysteries of Udolpho,not to mention a few gossipy tidbits about Lord Bryon!:

Last yet not least is a Mansfield Park moment from The Jane Austen Book Club, where French teacher Prudie is the midst of the book as she is requested by one of her students to help him study his lines for the school play.

That meta-MP experience brings Prudie much too close to giving up what sense and sensibility she has regarding affairs of the heart along with potentially making her a Maria Bertram to this all too young Henry Crawford:

I'll like to offer my sincere gratitude for all of the support Fanny Price:Slayer of Vampires has gotten thus far and will hopefully receive as time goes on. Turning someone else's story into my own is quite daunting but if it entertains my fellow Austen fans,the effort is definitely worth it:


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