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Friday, March 14, 2014

Kerry Vincent blazes the bakery salvation trail with Save My Bakery

One of my favorite people on the food television scene is Kerry Vincent, the sharply sweet regal lady judge from Food Network's former Challenge series who has also been on the panel of The Great Australian Bake-Off recently.

She has been called "The Simon Cowell of cakes" for her high standards of excellence yet her critiques are always professional and keenly accurate,which always reminded me of Harry Potter's best teacher at Hogwarts,Professor McGonagall(she does have a Maggie Smith look about her there). It's been some time since we've seen Kerry hand out her sugar laced wisdom in the US but fortunately, that is all about to change.

Starting next Wednesday,she'll be back on the air at Food Network with her very own series,Save My Bakery. Each week, Kerry will travel to bakeries that are in need of her expertise in order to keep their struggling business afloat.

I saw a preview episode of this show a few months back(it originally aired on The Cooking Channel) and seeing her take charge with her ladylike style(at one point,Kerry had the feuding family who ran the place all sit down and talk things out over a cup of tea!) was a blast.

Having her back with her very own show is a smart move,Food Network,and I'm sure those who appreciate her no nonsense attitude mixed with love of the culinary arts will be saving the date on their DVRs. If you haven't seen Kerry in action before,this is a truly prime time opportunity to do so and don't be intimidated by her forthright nature, Trust me, beneath that fierce frosting is a lady with a heart of red velvet sweetness who wants to elevate the talents of those around her :

She will have some competition in this field as the folks at TLC have given Cake Boss Buddy Valastro his own version of this concept called Bakery Boss.

Kerry has judged some of his work in the past when he was a contender for FN Challenge and I have no doubt that they have a mutual respect for each other as well as determination to help out their fellow pastry makers, In fact, they both possess a down to earth sensibility that has much to offer those bakery owners in serious need of solid advice:

However, my first choice will be Kerry and I so look forward to seeing her back on a regular basis on my TV. Perhaps if this type of series proves to be popular, we'll get more bakery centric shows and films to sweeten our viewing hours. That sounds divinely sweet to me in every sense of the term:

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