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Thursday, April 24, 2014

A conquering heroine on GOT,Peggy's attitude problem on Mad Men and Skye's dilemma on Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

While things are currently in chaos at King's Landing(and no, I'm not getting into that whole debate over Jaime and Cersei's scene since it was disturbing on too many levels there),let us look further out on Game of Thrones towards Meereen, where Dany and her vast army is preparing to take another slave city.

The role of conquering hero has done very well for our beloved khaleesi so far and it was a stroke of brilliance to address the slaves atop the wall rather than the masters of Meereen as she made her declaration of intent. However, it's one thing to liberate the oppressed and quite another to handle the consequences that much needed change in the social order that such freedom brings. Dany has done well with her growing power but eventually the true responsibilities of a leader are going to catch up with her sooner rather than later:

We're far from done with King's Landing,however,and our man Tyrion knows he's in a world of trouble but also knows his options are limited here. It doesn't help that Sansa is now long gone,thanks to Littlefinger who has a considerable role in this situation(not a spoiler,just fairly obvious at this point).

 I so feel bad for Tyrion,who never was given much respect by his family to begin with and upon the demise of Joffrey, will be getting the lion's share of scorn and then some before this is all over and done with.

 Other troubles are brewing all around Westeros but the Lannister family drama is going to blind those in charge from seeing the danger coming as we shall see in the next few episodes:

One of the few bright spots on this week's episode of Mad Men was Don managing to come to terms with Sally after she found out his work situation(an incident that impacted Don's secretary Dawn as well) but most of the Valentine's Day theme of the sub plots were far from lovable.

Peggy's romantic frustrations were taken out on her secretary Shirley over a gift of roses that Peggy was quick to think were meant for her,despite their being placed at Shirley's desk. Not only did she take them off to her office and put Shirley in an awkward position about asking for them back, she then got all moody about the roses and then went through a "you can have them,oh, wait, no you can't" routine than forced Shirley to tell her the truth(that they were from her own fiance). Peggy's response was to make a scene and then force a personnel switch that worked out in the end for both Dawn and Shirley but was still rude and wrong in more ways than one.

I so wish that someone(Joan,perhaps) could've told her "Get over yourself and get over Ted already! Plus, you said Shirley embarrassed you? No, dear, you embarrassed yourself.":

Skye found out a hard truth on Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. this week as the team divided up to deal with one of the dangerous escapees from the Fridge,leaving her alone with Ward whose mission from Hydra was to get that password from her.

The death of Agent Koenig( RIP,Patton Oswalt, you at least had a couple of good episodes there) has placed Skye in a position where she has to deal with Ward by playing into his game up to the point of no return and how she's going to pull that off solo is bound to be her biggest test of skill to date.

 I personally think she can handle but do wish that Melinda May was on hand for some back-up(she might still be part of the big picture there,we'll see). In the mean while, this first season is getting ready to wrap up and with any luck, the finale will lead to a second season and beyond:


BAD TEACHER: The sitcom based on the Cameron Diaz crass comedy debuts tonight and I may check it out mainly out of idle curiosity. Advance word has been mixed about it but some how this premise could actually work on the small screen,given a good cast and a few tweaks to the plot points:

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