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Thursday, April 17, 2014

GOT's Purple Wedding party surprise,Mad Men at the beginning of the end and Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. giving out bad days

The most talked about(as well as long awaited) moment of the TV week belongs to Game of Thrones for delivering the Purple Wedding, where horrid King Joffrey chokes out his last command.

His death may seem too soon,given that this is only the second episode of the season, but it sets off a whole chain of events that spells the downfall of the Lannisters. I won't say anything too spoilery but trust me when I tell you that you haven't seen anything yet, folks.

 The reaction videos have been fun to watch and for those who are wondering why the demise of a fictional character(especially a young one) is bringing such joy to the masses, allow me to explain.

GOT fans have gone through a lot of misery with the series as they have had to see many of their heroes fall upon the sword,starting with the death of Ned Stark(at the unexpected command of Joffrey) in season one and last year's Red Wedding,which slaughtered a good deal of Stark supporters along with Robb and his mother.

Such suffering is reflective of the "anyone can die at any time" element of the source material and it does make for suspenseful story telling but for viewers who haven't read the books, this can be wearying on the resolve to keep on with the show. Also, trust me; the little bastard had it coming. So let us have our vicious victory dance for now yet keep an eye on poor Tyrion,who will be most sorely tested(and most unfairly, I might add) due to the gruesome aftermath of this family affair:

Also airing that night was the season seven premiere of Mad Men, which picked up only a few months where they left off as Don is trying to make a bi-coastal marriage work and Peggy is struggling to be heard in more than one area of her life.

Joan is also having a rough time in being taken seriously but her arsenal is a bit more extensive there. A strong feeling of transition pervades over the episode  and even though we're only getting part of the series finale(the first seven episodes are airing now,with the remainder to be shown in 2015), this set-up holds a lot of promise for a well thought out conclusion and I for one look forward to more:

 Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. continues to rock n' roll with last week's amazing new developments as Coulson takes his crew out to a hidden base(manned by special guest star Patton Oswalt) in hopes of discovering some hope for the future while Ward and Garrett go on the road with their evil plans.

Have to say that Ward being a bad guy is a nice change-up for the character and he is a formidable threat,since he has plenty of inside knowledge from his time with Coulson and the gang that is aiding the cause of Hydra all too well.

Plus, Garrett is quite the entertaining mastermind there and seeing him and Ward work their wicked mojo on their unsuspecting allies is awesome to watch(in a bad way,of course):

 However, Ward's loyalty is going to be tested,as he joins up with Coulson and company next week to get that secret password from Skye by any means necessary. It's pretty obvious that his feelings for her are causing some doubts to arise regarding following Hydra's lead(and particular Garrett,to whom he owes a major debt to) but how that will play out is anyone's guess.

 Skye would not be the first gal in the Whedonverse to have an evil boyfriend and if this goes along those lines, things will not go well for the course of true love there(not to mention Melinda May putting her two cents of kickass into that discussion!):


THE AMAZING RACE: ALL STARS: So far, the competition has been friendly but that appears to not be lasting as a couple of teams get down and dirty with their tactics and why am I not surprised at Brendon and Rachel being all involved in this?:

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