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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Get in on some Jane Austen auction action!

For many literary fans, the home stead of their favorite writer is considered sacred ground and when it comes to Jane Austen, her Chawton residence is a place where her dearly devoted readers flock to pay their due respects, not to mention get a peek at  her humble writing table and see if that parlor door truly squeaks.

The Jane Austen House Museum was one of the stops on my trip to Jane Austen's England with the Republic of Pemberley some years back and most definitely one of the high points of that journey. From the friendly tour guides to the delights of seeing the rooms where Jane and her family shared their days to getting a look at a music book that Jane herself copied down many popular pieces of the day for home entertainment purposes, it was truly a good time had by all.

Since the museum is funded by public donations, a number of Jane Austen themed writers have banded together to raise funds for the JAHM with a number of fabulous prizes being offered for your generous contribution towards keeping this literary landmark flourishing.

Such items include a number of books,including a  signed copy of Jane Austen Made Me Do It, specially made Austen scented soaps plus bookmarks,keychains and buttons,which is where I come in!

Yes, amongst the Jane Austen treasures are my donation of Fanny Price, Slayer of Vampires pins which will be in more than one of the prize packs and I was most happy to do my bit in helping the JAHM out. You can make your donations here online and off line donations can also be made as well.

The fundraiser is now open and will run until June 10, with the hoped for goal of $2000(it would be nice if that number goes higher than that but we shall see).  I'm very honored to be along side such talented writers such as Laurel Ann Nattress, Abigail Reynolds, Jack Caldwell, Jane Odiwe and the many others in the Austenesque community who are eager to support such a worthy cause. My only regret is that we don't have Maddy Bates' unique brand of homemade preserves to offer because those interesting edibles are deliciously Emma Approved:):

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