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Thursday, June 05, 2014

Damsels no longer in distress on GOT, Food Network Star starts cooking and John Oliver's Last Week Tonight

As Tyrion's trial by combat went badly for him on Game of Thrones this week(oh,Oberyn, you really should've quite while you were ahead!) and other developments happened that will be the focus of the final two episodes this season, let us turn to the ladies for a moment.

With Lady Lyssa's unexpected departure, Littlefinger was up for some serious questioning by the neighboring nobility at the Eyrie as to what truly occured. They insisted upon speaking to his "niece" and lucky for him that they did, since Sansa used all of her wiles to convince them that he was not to blame and that Lyssa killed herself.

Granted, Sansa took a risk in telling them who she really was but it was a smart move as that revelation instantly gave validity to her words and a few well timed tears helped to seal the deal and save Littlefinger's neck. It's good to see Sansa finally take control of her situation and her new guardian may not realize it yet but she is well on her way to owning his sneaky self completely:

However for the Queen of Meereen, it was a sad letdown as Dany learned of Jorah's previous spying on her from Ser Barristan(who received his info via a mysterious courier).

While it is true that Jorah has always been loyal to her, his earlier deception might have been forgiven if he had confessed it to Dany far sooner himself. Her dismissing him from her queendom is pretty painful for all concerned but of all people, Jorah should understand how her position of power would be compromised if she easily overlooked his former deviousness and kept him in the inner circle:

The tenth season of Food Network Star began this Sunday, with a new batch of culinary hopefuls looking to get their shot at small screen celebrity.

It's a bit soon to pin point any potential front runners here but I do like a couple of folks so far. It was much simpler to see who was going to go home first and that dubious honor went to Donna, the over the top perky nutritionist. Not only was her party appetizer incredibly bitter, her goofy demeanor was equally appetite killing:

Donna does have a shot at getting back in the game as FNS is continuing their "Star Salvation" online series(similar to Top Chef's Last Chance Kitchen),where defeated competitors have another shot at staying on the show.

In a new twist, a couple of former FNS contestants from seasons past will be playing along. Martie was a real sweetheart during her first run but Chad was pretty obnoxious then and still appears to be now, so you can guess who I'm rooting for at the moment:

When John Oliver took over the Daily Show last year(due to John Stewart needing time off to make a movie), many speculated that he would be the one to have his own Comedy Central series next.

Instead, he went off to HBO and his once a week view of current events, Last Week Tonight, is a flat out success. Using his own brand of biting satire with the bonus of having more creative freedom with his content, Oliver has granted us a bounty of humorous riches, ranging from a snarky side eye to certain social trends to commenting on changes that are taking some longer to process than others.

Having a talented guy getting to spread his wings on cable like this is great and I hope his show gets more traction as it goes on. His bit about net neutrality actually encouraged enough people to comment at the FCC website so much that it crashed, which is a promising sign of things to come from LWT in the near future:


HELL'S KITCHEN: Yep, Ramsey is still yelling at those would be head chefs and you would think by now that anyone entering this competition would bone up on the basics before heading in,but then again, it wouldn't be as much fun if they did, now would it?:

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