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Monday, June 16, 2014

Some gruesomely good GOT giggles for the season finale afterparty

Well, we had quite a season finale on Game of Thrones last night and while I intend to go into it further during my TV Thursday post later this week, I do have a few stray observations.

Pardon the slight spoilage for the moment but while it would have been sinister sweet to have Lady Stoneheart take a bow here, they do need to hold back something for next season,so let us be patient.

 Also, there were some significant changes from the books yet the main points were made and how awesome was that fight between Brienne and The Hound? Maybe it's just me but I like a nice little surprise every now and then in my adaptations and that one was prime red meat, my friends. One thing that we can all agree upon here is that this was a very bad Father's Day for Tywin Lannister(and rightly so,in my opinion) indeed:

In honor of such an excellent and engaging finale, we should celebrate with some humorous looks at the wacky yet lethal hijinks in Westeros . First up is some sensible wedding advice about who to pick for your professional planner.

Theme weddings are very popular right now,especially fan based ones, and while it may sound like fun,  trust me when I say that you do not want a G.R.R. Martin wedding no matter what the color scheme:

Speaking of colorful weddings, this Disney princess version of the Red Wedding from last year has quite a few charms, despite what happens to Prince Charming and his Cinderella queen on their scary special day:

While we have Disney princesses on hand, have you ever wondered what Dany would  be like as one of those singing sweethearts?

This little clip answers your question and even gives Jorah a chance to musically proclaim his love for the Mother of Dragons but to no avail( talk about lost in love there!).

Even those of us who have read the books don't know what the fictional future will be for them but I'm sure plenty of people are still shipping Dany and Jorah both in and out of tune:

It will feel like forever until the new season of GOT starts(luckily for me, I have some distractions such as the final season of True Blood starting up next Sunday) as well as the next book in the series hitting the shelves but it will be all too soon when this whole wild Westeros ride begins again.

For now, it's best to reflect on what has passed and rejoice in what's to come, such as Arya heading off to Braavos(so happy that was the end scene!).  We should also mourn the loss of certain characters,along with some gloating over the ones who got what they deserved*cough*Tywin*cough.

 One of the hard things about being a fan of GOT is the hard cold fact that no one is safe from a visit from The Stranger or what ever you choose to call death around here. However that doesn't mean we can't look back fondly at characters we used to know and still root for the ones still with us on the page and screen:

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