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Thursday, July 03, 2014

Going back Under The Dome,True Blood takes a road trip and Food Network Star's live demo blues

The title of the season two premiere episode of Under The Dome is "Heads Will Roll" and two of them certainly did,thanks in part to Stephen King who wrote the script(plus a nifty little cameo).

First one to go was Linda,due to the newly whitened Dome becoming magnetized which put her in the path of an out of control car. At least she went out doing something heroic as her sacrifice spared Barbie who had just been saved from his public hanging in the town square-talk about nine lives there! Fare thee well,Linda-you will be missed.

 The second death came at the very end, with Angie getting the axe in more ways than one. Since she lasted longer on the show than she did in the book, I'm not feeling too bad about this one but Angie's murder will raise a lot of hackles amongst this already cabin fevered crowd.

Some new characters were introduced,such as Big Jim's brother-in-law and a seemingly savvy high science teacher but the main newcomer is the girl that Julia rescued from the lake. That mystery gal and her long walks are what lead Angie to her untimely end but was that on purpose or sheer coincidence? We shall see soon enough but my theory on who she is is this: she must be a "hatchling" from that mini dome egg.

Think about it; she came up out of the lake at the precise spot where Julia tossed the egg and what is the purpose of an egg in the first place? To bring a life form to term and if the show is going to go down the space alien route, it sort of makes sense that a new species would want to protect it's surroundings as much as possible, even to the point of isolating an entire region.

Also, the science teacher mentioned that the magnetic pulse of the dome was similar to the rhythms of a woman giving birth and that was not a throwaway line,folks! Not from Stephen King!  Well, sorry anyway, Angie-hopefully, your demise will lead to an interesting story line this season:

The challenge this week on Food Network Star was to do a live demo at Knott's Berry Farm and have a Fourth of July theme on deck. Well, some of the contenders took to this like a duck to water while others floundered.

Lenny,for example, did great with his showmanship but didn't have a lot of info to offer due to cooking all of his fish beforehand(keep on trucking,dude,I'm rooting for you!) . On the other side of the savory spectrum, Christopher really screwed up by spending most of his time talking rather than demonstrating his cooking techiques.

 Sounds like he forgot the important part of show and tell, which is that you have to do both at the same time! He wound up going home this time out but will make a stop at Star Salvation first. Not interested in seeing him return, the guy didn't have much pizzazz,in my opinion. Next time out, it's all about marketing and since another commercial challenge is part of the deal, maybe it'll be more fun than the last ad job they had to do.

 On True Blood, Sookie lead the local forces of law and order to a nearby small town to learn more about what the Hep V vamps are up to and all they found was death and desertion.

Look, I try to be very forgiving of some of the story telling loop holes that crop up from time to time on this show but it's getting annoying that no one,particularly Sookie, has thought to head on over to Fangtasia by now.

Hello, it's only the best known vampire bar in the entire area and more than one of you has been there at some point!  Sookie, you've set yourself up as a vampire expert, you should have been the first person to bring it up,already-what, are you waiting for Jason's powers of pizza detection to put you in the right direction?!:

With this being the last season, now is not the time to get sloppy with the plot lines, people!

 Bad enough that Lettie Mae is becoming a vampire blood junkie and Arlene was on the brink of getting her friends freed from the Fangtasia basement they're chained up but her school teacher savior melted into a puddle of goo at the last moment, distracting Sookie and her Bon Temps Scoobies from completing a simple rescue like this is simply stalling tactics here.

Yes, the whole town going vigilante is a decent narrative thread to weave yet does it have to be so shoddily woven? *Sigh* at least we get some sign of Eric,even if he has Hep V. Hopefully he comes back to town in time to set a few things straight with his straight shooting:


COOKING CHANNEL: Just got this on my cable dial and it's a very welcome addition to my foodie TV tastes. While it is more heavy on the instructional shows that it's older sibling Food Network is during prime time hours, the quirky approach taken with the culinary arts is warmly inviting and they should have some interesting tips for your Fourth of July meal plans:

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