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Thursday, July 31, 2014

Karma comes a-callin' on True Blood, Food Network Star gets their Rachael Ray on and more head scratching moments Under The Dome

As the final season begins to wind down on True Blood, more solid plot points are revealed as Pam and Eric team up with the defunct corporate head who hired the Yazuka to hunt down Sarah Newlin.

Turns out, Sarah is the carrier of the Hep V antidote(which she drank during the big in-house battle) and killing her outright may not be in everyone's best interest. Case in point, Bill who had a less than successful meeting with a greedy lawyer over settling his affairs(loved the way he took her out) and his time is running out faster than most Hep V patients, perhaps due to catching the virus inadvertently from Sookie.

Those storylines are well worth pursuing, along with Lettie Mae and Lafayette's Tara visions(which may be helpful for tying that emotional knot up well) but can we hurry up with Violet taking her anger out on Jason and Jessica by going after Adlyn and her soon to be stepbrother sub plot already?

 So sick of Violet, just stake her and be done with it! Bill and Sookie doing this sad dance towards his True Death seems like the perfect way to reach the finish line here and if he does get a miracle cure, it better be earned, no rabbit out of the hat business!:

The Final Five contestants on Food Network Star went to New York this week and after a warm-up challenge involving live TV presentations, they had to prepare for the really big task ahead of them on the Rachael Ray show.

Each of them were assigned a family with a food dilemma that they had to solve via a demo on RR's program. A lot of them didn't do well with the savory solutions(who thinks to add strong spices to kid friendly food,Nicole?) but my man Lenny did a great job with his budget friendly meal. He even had a "wardrobe malfunction" that didn't distract him or the audience from the hearty chicken dinner that made him a winner:

Loreal, on the other hand, made a complicated dish for a couple looking for a quick and easy alternative to fast food that lead her to being sent home.

She's a real sweetheart and her "butcher babe" persona is fun as all get out but Loreal does not know how to talk about what she does and that is a crucial component here. I wish her well and hopefully she'll make a comeback in her pursuit of culinary stardom in the near future:

Next week,the Final Four are tasked to make 30 second spots for their possible show and pretty soon, viewers will be asked to vote on who should get the green light. It's no secret that I'm rooting for Lenny(Luca is too bland for my taste while Sarah and Nicole are about even to me) but he could get a bad case of nerves that might jeopardize his chances and I'm not trying to jinx him, I swear!:

Life in Chester's Mill is wacky as usual Under The Dome, as Big Jim's current misdeeds were forgiven as Julia tries to unite the town with a food drive that gets bombed by not-so-secret supporters of Big Jim(I don't make this stuff up,folks).

 Also, no sign of Lyle yet Junior and his murderous uncle may have found out where he went. Turns out that mysterious locker where Angie died(and Melanie knows the combination to) has an entrance to a secret tunnel hidden in the back of it.

Where that bad boy leads to is the plot of the next episode and I truly hope that this is going somewhere significant or at least weirdly interesting. Not giving up on the Dome here but do want a semi-decent pay-off, plot wise, before the season is over:


OUTLANDER: We're only a week away from the debut of this Starz series based on Diana Gabaldon's series of time travel novels that have a British war nurse go back to 17th century Scotland for adventure as well as the true love of her life. If you have any way of seeing this show, do make haste to do so next Saturday by all means:

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