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Thursday, August 21, 2014

Getting to the last drop of True Blood,more Outlander shenanagans and being out from Under The Dome

As we head towards the very last episode of True Blood, a lot of plot points are being tied up, particularly the whole Hoyt/Jessica/Jason situation. It's good that Hoyt finally knows the truth about his past with both of them and it's not too surprising that he and Jessica are now reunited.

Not sure if Jason is really going to hook up with Bridget(Hoyt's recently jilted girlfriend) despite the vibes between them. I do think that he has some decency in him but this feels like too much of a quick fix there. In other sub plots, Sam leaving town with the mother of his upcoming child sounds right to me and Eric throwing Ginger some very long longed for throne sex was pretty much comic relief.

Ultimately, this is the Sookie and Bill Show when all is said and done so I find it hard to buy that our Mr. Compton is simply going to have his True Death in her arms.

While the entire "Yazuka out to get revenge/make money off of secret knowledge of Nu-Blood" story line is rather ham handed, my best guess for stringing that one along is to get those two crazy kids back together in a permanent way.

  In a weird way, Buffy the Vampire Slayer was a lot more mature about this noble vampire in love trope than TB seems to be. Bill's determination to die regardless of a cure in order to allow Sookie a chance to be with a mortal partner is touching but also a tad condescending and wrongheaded.

 Yes, Sookie may never find a real love who can offer her a more normal life if Bill is still somewhere in the world yet what's to prevent her from comparing any potential suitor to her departed lover(who in death will seem rather perfect) and thus preventing her from finding a new love with someone else?

Granted, Buffy and Angel did have a couple of reunion moments but they did manage to find new romance(or realize that it wasn't completely necessary to their happiness) with both of them being apart and alive.

Don't get me wrong, if Sookie and Bill do find a way to stay together, that's great but I do wish that someone would call Bill out on his grand gesture there. Either way, I won't be the only one tuning in for the finale this Sunday and hoping for the best:

The second episode of Outlander had Claire trying to fit into the strange new world she's found herself in and while she may be able to dress the part, her forthright nature continues to draw a lot of suspicion.

In between doing her best to not appear to be a British spy and wrangling a way to get back to those mystical stones in order to return to her own time, Claire does manage to make a friend. Geillis seems like an outsider herself in some ways but her understanding of how things are done at Castle Leoch is a true boon to Claire, perhaps more that she knows:

Claire is going to need plenty of advice on conduct, as the lord of the castle is not about to let her leave(mainly to protect his people from any British aggression) just now.

Her intelligence and knowledge about herbal remedies will help her achieve some sort of standing amongst her new acquaintances but what Claire is in desperate need of is the ability to lie convincingly. That's something very hard for such a straight shooter to do and so far, she has done well yet not well enough to get where she wants to go.

In the meanwhile, she and Jaime are becoming fast friends and possibly more, as we soon shall see. Granted, I did read the book but that doesn't mean this series won't be able to toss a few twists in my way in regards to those two:

Even with a few people finding a way out from Under The Dome, things are still complicated around Chester's Mill.

Barbie discovers that his well connected dad is part of a possibly government/business conspiracy that knows about the mysterious egg as Sam and his sister team up with a confused Lyle and plot to rescue Junior(of all people!) from the entrapped town.

Meanwhile, Julia and the kids get a couple of messages from Barbie that lets them know he's alive and back in the regular world, which gives them hope for escape. Of course, they all have been keeping Big Jim out of the loop(which wasn't too hard, as naming himself the new Sheriff gave him plenty of distractions) yet that wasn't something that could be pulled off for long. Just how Big Jim will use this new info for his own gain is yet to be seen but I am still willing to ride this crazy train down to the end of the line:


SKIN WARS: Game Show Network is doing it's own version of Syfy's Face Off, only with body painters and having Ru Paul as one of the judges. I've caught some of the series so far and it's certainly a new way to look at things, that's for sure:

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Thaddeus said...

I wouldn't watch the other two - gave up on TB after season 1 - but Outlander sounds like a fine show. I love shows with female protagonists, and I almost wish I had cable again.

Plus , I heard what her husband does in the castle in ep 1, and that made me instantly appreciate the sentiment behind this series...