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Thursday, August 28, 2014

The last drop of True Blood,Big Jim's dealings Under The Dome and seeking escape on Outlander

Well, the final episode of True Blood has aired and despite the many regrets about what did and didn't happen, I think we can all say that it was a hell of a ride while it lasted.

Yes, I do wish Lafayette had been given more screen time(not to mention Tara being undead and with us as well) and wasn't surprised at the haste of the Hoyt/Jessica wedding but as we all know, the big finish belonged to Sookie and Bill. It was rather presumptuous of Bill to think that he was doing her a favor by asking her to use up the remainder of her fairy powers to kill him but then again, how so like him as well.

I am glad that Sookie did decide to accept that part of herself by the end,which is a positive statement for her character to conclude her run with. Also have to give kudos to the show for killing Bill and not using an instant "Get out of Death" free card there.

 There were some hints that he might have been turning human near the end,however, those turned out to be red herrings thrown in by the writers to keep us guessing. Some of the fans would've liked that,I'm sure, but the less BS the better in this case. Sookie and Bill at least deserved to end their connection in a way that satisfied them both and while this wasn't perfect, it was damn near close.

 It would've been nice to get a good look at the fellow Sookie hooked up with at that Thanksgiving dinner yet maybe it was better that way. The whole arch seemed to be about Sookie finding a healthy relationship on her own terms,so the main thing was that she was happy with her choices, not who she was with.

On the bright side, Eric did finally wipe out those pesky Yazuka(along with the head of the former True Blood company) and seeing Pam make Sarah Newlin her own personal blood bitch was kind of fun. If any character deserved not to go out the easy way, it was definitely her.

It was good to at least see Eric and Pam cut loose and be their old slick cold blooded selves again as they were in the beginning. Yes, this show was getting rather frayed by the end of the series but we did get some sort of closure. So long, True Blood and thank you for the crazy sexy vampire party that you held for us:

Meanwhile, Big Jim is up to his usual tricks Under The Dome, as  he starts to negotiate with the outside forces that are interested in claiming the egg.

Of course, he doesn't have the egg in his possession but a little thing like that never stops a good salesman, now does it?:

However, Big Jim is for quite a shock there, as his faked her own death wife Pauline is back in town. Seems her visions are compelling her to return to Chester's Mill with Barbie and friends, with the primary goal being rescuing Junior.

As sympathetic as I am towards any one trapped in a relationship with the Rennie family, Pauline does strike me as rather stupidly naive in this situation. First off, her main reason for faking her demise was to draw the impending disaster away from the town(which worked out pretty well there,..not!) and protect Junior in the bargain.  While telling the truth wasn't the best option, pretending to be dead wasn't a great way to protect her son either.

Plus, did she really think it would be easy to sneak back into town and save Junior without running into Big Jim? Come on, woman, you went right to your old house where you know both father and son still live! Get some smarts fast, lady or this time, you might not have to fake being dead:

On Outlander, Claire is beginning to make the best of her situation at Castle Leoch by using her medical talents to win trust and respect. She's not giving up on finding a way back home but building up a reputation of simply being just another stranded outsider willing to fit in will go a long ways toward getting a golden opportunity to do so.

It's working in some areas(loved how her determination to save that nephew of Mrs. Fitzgibbons' inspired that good lady to tell that interfering priest to back off)yet not entirely in others, as suspicious eyes are not completely off her. Jaime's eyes are also on Claire for entirely different reason, much to the chagrin of the girl he saved from a beating. Ah, love triangles, how complicated they can be! Well, we'll see how long that lasts, as the next episode promises to provide Claire with a chance at taking that much longed for leap home:


THE EMMYS: Congratulations to Jessica Lange and Cathy Bates for their AHS:Coven wins, a sincere "better luck next time" to Laverne Cox and Peter Dinklage for not receiving their much deserved awards(although happy for Uzo Aduba from OITNB, who won instead) and can Modern Family give it a rest with the sweeps here?

Granted, I didn't watch the entire show(hey, Under The Dome was on that night!) but glad that I got to watch Weird Al's musical interpretation of certain TV show themes-he is having such a good year, isn't he? I hope they do get him for the half time show at the Super Bowl, that would be actually be must-see TV!:

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