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Thursday, October 23, 2014

The Penguin's slip-up on Gotham, some marriage counseling for Sleepy Hollow and Death Comes to Pemberley on PBS

A lot of scheming is going on in Gotham right now, with our good buddy Oswald Cobblepot making his moves to get in the good graces of Don Mancini by suggesting a way to make a certain casino robbery happen.

However, Oswald came this close to blowing his big chance by willingly confessing to Mancini his past ties to Fish Mooney(and by extension, the Falcones,his new boss' rivals). That nearly cost him more than his fancy new job but fortunately, Jim Gordon backed him up with the Don when called upon to do so.

Penguin, my man, you're doing so well here-don't be so trusting with your secrets, especially to a crime boss! I know, they really wouldn't take him out at this point yet it's hard not to root for this creepy cutthroat and yeah, I do want to see him face off with Fish Mooney by the end of this season:

Things are tense enough as it is on Sleepy Hollow, with the whole preventing the End of Days deal, for Ichabod and Abbie to handle without the bond between Crane and Katrina(currently playing double agent with the Headless Horseman) getting a bit more shattered.

The main menace of the week was "The Weeping Lady", a local ghost story come to life who had a strong interest in drowning ladies who appeared to have "Crane on the brain".

 Sadly, that proved to be fatal for one nice person(can't somebody hire Laura Spencer on a permanent basis for one series already?) which lead to Ichabod rushing to save Katrina and finding out she was more complaisant in the creation of this haunted spirit. Seems that in life, her name was Mary and she was Ichabod's former girlfriend who came to America to bring him home but after a confrontation with Katrina, just happened to fall to her death.

Katrina then hid the body and sent Ichabod a Dear John letter from Mary, which lead him to believe that she went back to England and no longer considered them an item.

That didn't go over well with Ichabod as he pointed out that Katrina has this bad habit of not telling him things(being a witch, knowing he was destined to be a Witness and casting that spell which bound him to the Horseman for starters) and her staying with the enemy, who was also her ex-fiance doesn't help matters much.

Then again, Ichabod did romance his best friend's girl, which lead to Brom selling his soul in the first place, so perhaps him being judgmental and jealous is part of the problem as well. Just trying to be fair, altho I do think that Katrina has been a little too "I'm doing this for your own good and can't tell you right now" for way too long here. Maybe when the Cranes get some down time, they should chat up a marriage counselor(not Dr. Phil!) but hopefully, their issues can be worked out before the Horseman decides to take his renewed connection with Katrina to the next level:

Jane Austen fans and mystery lovers will be sharing the remote this weekend as part on of Death Comes to Pemberley premieres on PBS this weekend.

Based on the P.D. James novel, this miniseries has Elizabeth and  Mr. Darcy dealing with a murder as her sister Lydia makes a dramatic entrance, proclaiming that her scoundrel of a husband Wickam may have killed one of their mutual friends. Darcy takes a search party out on the grounds and they discover Wickam crying over the body of his old Army companion Denny and confessing to his murder.

Yet, the case may not be as cut and dried as that, compelling Darcy to look into the matter on his own. A few of the secrets he unearths casts a different light on Wickam, not to mention a few other folks in the bargain.

Some Austen fans were less than thrilled with the book, yet I found myself enjoying it more than I had originally thought I would. Yes, this is a more somber take on Elizabeth but she is a bit older(the story takes place a few years after the events of P&P) and she does have a serious situation on her hands here.  All I'm saying is give this a chance; we don't always get Jane Austen themed mysteries on the small screen and this will certainly liven up a couple of quiet Sunday nights indeed:


OLIVE KITTERIDGE: More miniseries goodness coming our way, as HBO will be airing this two parter(based on Elizabeth Stout's award winning novel) on November 2 and 3. The book was wonderful and this adaptation is well cast, with the likes of Frances McDormand, Richard Jenkins and yes, Bill Murray himself at the helm:

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