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Thursday, November 06, 2014

Getting under the Penquin's umbrella on Gotham, Sleepy Hollow debates their issues and a new player in the Elementary game

Things did heat up considerably on Gotham this week, as Jim Gordon made plans to go to the mattresses upon his non elimination of Cobblepot being made public.

His version of that,however, was to get Barbara out of town and then convince Bullock to join him in arresting the Mayor and Don Falcone on charges of framing Pepper(the now deceased dad of the future Poison Ivy) for the Waynes' murder. It was great to see him kick ass(also, that Montoya and Allen are on his side now) and be in serious in charge mode here.  Hopefully, more of this side of Gordon will be on display for the rest of the season:

Meanwhile, Fish Mooney is far from happy to discover that Penguin is alive and well,plus working for Maroni. She demands that he be turned over to her but such intense anger only shows her vulnerability, making Maroni feel free to refuse Fish.

She and Penguin do get some brief face time and if I were her, I wouldn't underestimate him. Just because he doesn't strike back when first assaulted doesn't mean that he isn't planning a more lethal injury in return,as Maroni's second in command found out the hard way. Oh and the secret alliance between Penguin and Falcone? So of the awesome, I so love this show right now:

It may be a bit too timely to have Ichabod and Abbie heading off to vote for the midterms on Sleepy Hollow this week, but listening to Crane give his commentary on the modern state of affairs when it comes to elections was well worth it.

As much as I enjoy the gripping details of the apocalypse plot line, these humorous moments do round the intensity out nicely. Plus, seeing Ichabod with his hair down in more ways that one is the cherry on the sexy sundae that is him:

Of course, his heart belongs to Katrina, who was able to join him and Abbie due to fleeing members of the Hellfire club interested in having her give birth to Moloch.

Henry was totally on board with this(the Headless Horseman objected but had no final say on the matter) and during a brief lull in the proceedings, Katrina and Ichabod debated over whether or not their son could be turned back to the side of good.

You could argue that he never was a good guy in the first place and as Abbie pointed out, he is planning to end life on earth,so how do you come back from that? Then again, as Katrina said, Henry didn't have any family in his life before and maybe there still is a spark of humanity left within him. We shall see, yet I hope that they figure this out in the nick of time instead of discovering the truth when it's much too late:

Finally caught up with the third season premiere of Elementary this past weekend and the new format is intriguing to say the least. Watson now has her own detective agency and working well with the cops, while Holmes has returned to NYC with a new protege.

Her name is Kitty Winter(and yes, she is a character from one of the classic Holmes stories), who Sherlock took on as a way of getting over Watson's departure.

She seems pretty capable and should be fun to get to know. However, she does have some baggage of her own that is yet to be unpacked. Joan is a little startled by this new development but determined to keep her independence and rightly so. Looking forward to seeing more of Miss Kitty as the season goes on(and how cool is it that Joan wound up with Clyde the turtle?):


LAST WEEK TONIGHT:  John Oliver is totally slaying the satire scene and it's great that other comedians are getting to play in his backyard, as this hilarious Home Depot ad parody, starring Sarah Baker, Nick Offerman and H. Jon Benjamin, shows:

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Thaddeus said...

I love Sleepy Hallow, but there have been lots of repetitive elements in the scripts this season. They're bordering on top much tell, not enough show. I hope they pick up the slack soon bc this cast is great...