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Friday, January 16, 2015

All that glitters is not gold at this year's Oscars

The Academy Award nominations for 2015 have been announced and much like John Oliver regarding the World Cup, I'm rather ambivalent yet still interested in the final outcome.

In all fairness, everyone can't be made happy here as there is always a good performance,great film or outstanding achievement that gets overlooked or lost in the award show shuffle. However, there is a huge cinematic injustice that needs to be addressed and in good conscience, I must start with it first:

ROBBED OF OSCAR GLORY:  For Selma to receive only two nominations,Best Picture and Best Original Song, is just wrong,oh so wrong. One of best reviewed movies of the year and this is what it gets?

 And before anyone asks, no, I haven't seen the movie(also haven't seen most of the other Best Picture nominees either) but I damn well know quality material when I see it being presented to me. Plus, the massive amount of critical praise(as well as word of mouth) given rings quite sincere.

The vast majority of Oscar nominees this year can be best described as an endless platter of vanilla cupcakes and while certain ones may be  exceptionally flavorful and worthy of notice, that is no excuse for leaving other substantial cinematic sweets off the table.

 In addition,  I flatly refuse to accept the excuse that "Selma got LBJ wrong" contention as a good reason for this- The Theory of Everything and The Imitation Game both had questions raised about their historical/real life authenticity and neither movie suffered for that.

 In addition, American Sniper got major nods in the main categories,despite the fact that the memoir it was based on was the subject of a petty and vindictive lawsuit by former pro wrestler and ex- governor of Minnesota Jesse Ventura(who won,sadly, taking money from the widow of a veteran as well as going after the publisher).

While I firmly believe that hideous and vile legal action should have no bearing on the merits of the film adaptation, it's a bit of a puzzler as to why no one has brought this up yet Selma for some reason is being held to a higher standard-don't make me say it, okay? I think we all know all too damn well.

Yes, I will still watch the Oscars but I am shaking my head in disgust. *sigh* Hopefully, audiences will reward Selma with the box office glory that the Academy appears to be reluctant to give it:

IN OTHER NEWS: Meanwhile, surprising snubs were given in the Best Actress category to Amy Adams, who just won a Golden Globe for her work in Big Eyes, and Jennifer Aniston,  who has been receiving a lot of indie cred for Cake recently.

One nominee that was to be expected here is Julianne Moore for Still Alice, where she plays a woman suffering from early onset ALS. Given the quiet radiance of her work over the years,not to mention being a five time Oscar nominee and not yet a winner, Moore's time has come to claim her award.

No doubt Reese Witherspoon won't be pleased about this but this is not your night, dear, as a great one once said in On The Waterfront. Rosemund Pike and Felicity Jones are first timers and I'm not seeing Marion Cotillard taking this one. So, let's be happy for Julianne Moore and wish her well come February 22:

ENJOYING SOME RAZZIE DAZZLE: The gang at the Golden Raspberry Awards really outdid themselves this time, with the likes of Transformers 4, The Legend of Hercules and Kirk Cameron's Saving Christmas getting their well deserved knocks here.

Adam Sandler really should send Kirk Cameron a gift basket in thanks for drawing most of the Razzie ire this season away from him. While Sandler and company didn't entirely escape their notice, thanks to the horror that was Blended, Kirk Cameron's egotistic ode to enforced Christmas cheer has earned him six nominations, including one for that ideal pair,himself and his ego(so not kidding about that!).

As much as I love Christmas, Kirk Cameron's annoying insistence that there is only right way to enjoy the Yuletide season is coal in your stocking worthy indeed. Also, this ridiculous propaganda piece is bound to create a new generation of Grinchy Scrooges ready to bah humbug the holiday away:

Oh,well, the Oscar race is now off and running officially, so let's make the best of it, shall we? One saving grace is that Neil Patrick Harris is hosting this year and if anyone was ever meant to take up where the delightful Billy Crystal left off, it is definitely him. At the very least, our popcorn will be warmed by a most charming song and dance or two:


Thaddeus said...

I dunno, I try not to think about it in terms of deserve, it's more like what makes no sense. The Selma situation surprises me, but I haven't seen it, so I won't say that it's been robbed. But it is damn weird to have those two noms and nothing else.

I'm similarly conflicted about American Sniper. I need to read up about the book and the man's story. I hope this isn't getting patriotic ass-kissing or just love because it's by Clint Eastwood.

lady t said...

American Sniper has been raising some hackles lately, some of which I think is due to certain people feeling "embarrassed" that the movie got so much Oscar love.

I haven't read the book but did see Chris Kyle being interviewed once(when his book first came out) and despite what some say, he didn't strike me as a sociopath or a psychopath; just a guy who thought he was doing the right thing by his country. I know he said some questionable things yet a lot of the quotes are pulled out of context, so I'm willing to give him benefit of the doubt until I know more.

Apparently, he suffered from PSTD, which the film addresses and I do agree that Clint Eastwood love was probably behind most of the Oscar noms(except no Best Director). Not sure if I would see it, with or with out the nominations but it definitely flew in under the radar there.