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Thursday, February 12, 2015

Fish finds a new pond to swim in away from Gotham,Agent Carter is on the run and Edith makes a big move on Downton Abbey

A whole lot of sub plots are going on in Gotham right away, with The Penguin setting up shop while Falcone gets Maroni to not kill him(for now, at least),Gordon and Bullock hunt down the father of the future villain Scarecrow, plus Gordon and new ME Leslie Thompson are dating yet trying to play it cool at work.

One sub plot that has definitely taken a strange turn is Fish Mooney's adventures on the run. Her getaway boat was hijacked by pirates and she wakes in up in a bizarre underground prison, the purpose of which has yet to be made known. In no time at all, she takes charges and appears to be planning a break out of some sort, which may be harder than it seems.

Not sure where this story line is going but my best guess is that if Fish can make her way back to Gotham with a whole new crew of minions unafraid of throwing down hard, the temporary truce between the street gangs could shatter instantly. Have to admit that Fish is an interesting lady to watch and I'm willing to see what comes next for her, especially if she's still interested in delivering payback to The Penguin:

Meanwhile, Peggy's cover was blown on Agent Carter, forcing her to fight and flee from her colleagues. It was only a matter of time before they realized that she was trying to help Stark out(who also lied to her about needing Captain America's blood) away but of course, none of them were about to give her the shadow of a doubt regarding her motives.

As awesome as it was to see Peggy kick some serious ass here, that fighting frenzy will be held against her as more evidence of her dubious loyalties. Not even Thompson, who she let have most of the credit for last week's overseas mission, will trust her here. It's interesting to note that most of the help Peggy got in her run from the S.S.R. came from a woman(her diner buddy Angie) and in the end, it was a woman who took Peggy down(Dottie, the covert Russian agent living in her building).

We only have two episodes left, so Peggy probably won't be in trouble for too long. However, seeing her take down a whole room of her fellow agents(with a little assist from Jarvis) was so worth the wait:

On Downton Abbey, Edith received official word of Gregson's death and with her family basically tip-toeing around her grief(except for Mary, more interested in showing off her new hair-do than caring about her sister!), she decided to pack up and head off to London.

With an inheritance from Gregson(his newspaper empire) and what ever family funds are available to her, she should do well yet Edith took her daughter Marigold with her and that could be a problem. It was sad as hell to see the farmer's wife Mrs. Drewe be forced to give up Marigold and for a moment, I thought Edith might change her mind and leave her with that family.

She didn't, though. How she is going to explain about Marigold's existence (a secret marriage? adoption?) to the world, not to mention her family, is yet to be seen. It's about time she left them, since all they do is offer lip service comfort or use her as the butt of jokes(Mary and Edith never did get along well yet that is no excuse for Mary's snide attitude towards her sister). Just hope this isn't a way to write her off the show and that Lady Edith gets a solid story line out of this move:


THE DAILY SHOW: Jon Stewart's announcement that he'll be leaving his faux anchor desk this year(date still to be determined) was a bit of a shock yet not a complete surprise. After over a decade of  creating the ultimate pop culture spot for sociopolitical satire, it's only understandable that he would want to tackle new creative horizons there.

Hopefully, his replacement will be hired in-house(Jessica Williams would be great or Samantha Bee) and that his final send-off is another wonderful moment of television history:

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Thaddeus said...

Let us all pour out a drink for Jon Stewart. He wasn't always perfect, but he frequently was exceptional, and his work ethic is apparently amazing. It's sad, but hopefully will lead to better things in the future...