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Thursday, February 05, 2015

The Penguin's in a pickle on Gotham, hope awakens for Sleepy Hollow and a fistfight for love on Downton Abbey

Poor Oswald Cobblepot, his victories on Gotham are short lived indeed. Feeling overly confident after his latest run-in with Fish Mooney(who is heading out to sea but not far enough out of trouble), he revels with Don Maroni and casually mentions taking over her club.

That didn't sit well with Maroni, who then got a heads-up about Penguin's true allegiance from Fish via a quick farewell phone call. That lead to a showdown in an isolated house in the woods and Oswald barely able to save himself from a serious death trap.

 With his cover blown, I don't know how long his connection with Falcone will last but so far, Penguin has proven himself to be a most slippery fellow to pin down there. Perhaps he'll need to ask his good buddy Jim Gordon for a favor in return for his last one. If anything holds true on this show, it is that Oswald knows how to survive at all costs:

I haven't talked about Sleepy Hollow for awhile, due mainly to the show being in a slight slump since the big Moloch showdown before their winter break.

I'm not as disenchanted as some are( the Katrina hate is a bit much) yet the past couple of episodes have had some stumbles regarding forward plot focus and attention to certain characters. However, this week's episode gives me reason to hope that a new arch is about to be nicely set up.

For one thing, Henry Parrish is back and recently resurrected Captain Irving is in league with him(I knew he wasn't gone for good,  not with John Noble still being listed in the opening credits!).

Henry has his own plans for evil conquest and if Katrina goes over to the dark side(as she may very well, thanks to some temptation from the latest Big Bad), that terrible trifecta could cause some major trouble for our beloved Witnesses. The good news is that Abbie and Crane seem to be in sync with each other again and if sister Jenny can harness some mojo of her own, they might be more than a match for this new set of enemies about to rise. There are only three episodes left in this run but that's plenty of time to make a fresh start here, if you ask me:

There were two big break-ups on Downton Abbey this week and I can't say that I ever care for Branson's Miss Bunting, who went out of her way to alienate the Crawleys.

After all, if she really despises them so much, why socialize with the family at all, there are other ways to hook up with a fella there. I suppose she meant well but this wasn't the relationship for him and Branson went about it like a true gentleman by kindly taking the lead to end things on good terms.

Too bad Mr. Brickner couldn't make such a claim. By entering Cora's bedroom uninvited, he crossed a serious line there and Lord Grantham rightly kicked his ass. That whole bit with Cora assuring Edith that "everything is alright" while two men are fighting over her just a few feet away was hilarious! Perhaps, things will simmer down between Cora and her husband, now that they both got this particular tension out of their systems:


GAME OF THRONES: While we do have to wait a little longer for the next G.R.R. Martin book in the series, at least there is a fresh new season of the show coming very soon to us this spring. Should be a lot of fun and I do hope that the Dorne section is told well:

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