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Friday, March 06, 2015

A few giddy giggles at this year's Downton Abbey finale party

With another season of Downton Abbey now behind us(and plenty more to look forward to for next time), it seems that a celebration is in order and what makes a party more enjoyable than a few laughs?

Let us begin with a gander at the animated kid's series Arthur doing their own take on the DA phenomenon with "Fountain Abbey" as Muffy tries to imagine what kind of life her ancestor would have had in those days(turns out her relation was a downstairs girl). I think little sister D.W. is adorable as the Dowager Countess, don't you?:

Speaking of the Dowager Countess Violet herself, that lady is certainly never at a loss for words in just about any given situation. It's a trait that draws admirers and causes others to tremble upon detecting any lip movement on her part.

This latest round-up of her ladyship's delightful commentary comes from the US Downton Abbey front, displaying a rich number of her most sharply wielded words, from chin-up advice to the forlorn Edith to snide asides at her in-laws and some tasty dinner table

What's great about the Downton folk is that they have a wonderful sense of humor about themselves and are generous with their time and talent.

All of that shows in the mini-parody piece they filmed for the Text Santa fundraiser, in which Robert has a bit of an It's a Wonderful Life experience with Joanna Lumley making for a rather cheeky angelic guide. It's a two part deal and both halves are here and Moseley's tatts are damn funny in and of themselves(and yes, that is George Clooney):

Part One:

Part Two:

To cap this party off, let's have a little music there. The fellas at College Humor came up with a mix of the current hit "Uptown Funk" and the DA story lines to put together a toe tapping singing satire entitled "Downton Funk".

To all of my fellow Downtonites, raise up your cup of tea in salute of our mutual appreciation of all things old school British. It will be a slight drought to suffer through until next year, to be sure, but that's what a stiff upper lip is for:

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