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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Springing ahead into April Fool's with a pack of pop culture parody songs

I know,I know, April Fool's Day is tomorrow but what better way to get a jump on all of the humorous hijinks than by posting something funny today?

So, if you are reading this on April 1st, enjoy the laughs as we here at LRG present the very latest in pop culture parody musical numbers(and if you're reading this now,on March 31, well the joke's already on you!)

To start this party off right, we have the gang at The Nerdist taking a page from Taylor Swift's songbook by using her song "Black Space" to create "Blank Page", a G.R.R. Martin tribute to his Game of Thrones characters.

The catch is that he loves to kill off the best of them(moment of silence for Ned Stark) and no one knows which one of them that remains on page and screen is set to survive the whole shebang:

Next up is a battle royale, as two of Disney's animated heroines engage in a Princess Rap Battle, courtesy of Whitney Avalon.

Whitney, who has done several of these musical bouts before, squares off as Beauty and the Beast's Belle against famed Slayer Sarah Michelle Gellar playing Cinderella. Those of us who fondly remember how SMG was able to give us sing-a-long fun in "Once More, With Feeling" should be delighted with her fancy foot work here.

Just a random thought; is it just me or would a Cinderella remake by Quentin Tarantino be pretty interesting? The man does appreciate foot wear and seeing Cindy get some sweet payback on her wicked stepmom and sisters with some sword play ought to be a blast:

With the promise of a new day for the DC Comics folks to launch a major movie involving a hero other than Batman that might be good(even tho they're hedging their bets with a new caped crusader), Just Some Random Guy has returned with a new "Hi, I'm a Marvel..and I'm a DC" musical.

While most of us would like to see Superman Vs. Batman: Dawn of Justice(that title just doesn't roll off the tongue too well, does it?) kick some bigtime box office ass, it's hard to deny the slippery slope that this potential Justice League is balancing their boots on:

We'll wrap this up with a pair of takes on the hit song "Uptown Funk", staring with the guys at College Humor.

They blend all of the seasons of Downton Abbey into this snappy tune, turning the show into "Downton Funk", which should bring a smile to the face of anyone still sad about next year being the last one for the series(hey, it had to end sometime!):

For our finale, none could be better than "Dark Lord Funk", where Lord Voldemort decides to add some music to his last battle with Harry Potter.

This video is so amazingly good that even J.K. Rowling herself has sung it's praises and as a HP fan, I have to say kudos to one and all involved in this production. The attention to detail, the vocal prowess of Elijah Thomas(doing a guest spot with the KFace crew here) and the excellant dance moves, I echo Albus with a Hallelujah indeed!:

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