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Thursday, April 09, 2015

Outlander returns,Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. deal with change and Mad Men begins it's final descent

So many of us were happy to have Outlander back to liven up our Saturday nights and this episode took several unusual turns, starting with letting Jamie take over the narrative reins.

For this section of the story, it made sense to do that, as Claire couldn't be present for certain things such as the inner political struggle within the Mackenzie clan or how Jamie and his friends  were able to sneak into the castle to rescue her.

 The whole opening sequence was breathtaking in it's swift yet steady movement that all lead to Jamie aiming that gun  at Black Jack Randalland saying "I'll thank you to take your hands off my wife"(that line makes me shiver!):

Once that was over, Claire and Jamie got into a truly vicious verbal fight,with words that practically drew blood, which lead to later on having that tussle over her "punishment" for not staying where she was left, causing a considerable risk for the men to go after her.

Having read the first book, I knew this scene was coming up and as distasteful as the concept is of a grown woman being spanked by her husband is, it is historically accurate and in order to keep to some semblance of reality within the story line, that was a necessary evil.

It did take some time for the two of them to mend fences after that(I did like that Claire took her chance to let Jamie know that she wouldn't take that mess again at sword point!) and it's good that they did make up, as a whole sea of troubles is heading their way. I won't say any more but believe you me, the worst is yet to come for our pair of Highland honeys:

On Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., folks were dealing with new situations such as Skye waking up in the hidden Inhumans camp called Afterlife.

As she started to learn more about her people( with many of them not having had their powers activated), Skye was cautiously accepting of this strange new path she's on yet once she realized that Raina was there as well, wasn't too thrilled with her Inhuman companions there.

Also, Skye was concerned by what's happening to Coulson and friends but her handler buddy Lincoln was right in pointing out that S.H.I.E.L.D. wasn't the best place for her right now. With things seriously up in the air there, Skye is just as much of a target of the splinter faction as her friends are:

Speaking of that splinter group, they certainly have a lot to worry about as Coulson and Hunter are on the move(with Deathlok joining them as an ally,yes!), Melinda May being held under lock and key and Fitzsimmons being coerced into opening that black box to gain Fury's secret info.

I did like the way Fitz and Simmons managed to pull a fast one by that slight of hand that lead one of them to being discharged with the correct black box(plus a tasty sandwich). Also wondering if Nick Fury will make his presence known as those of us who watched the Winter Soldier know he's not dead(and he will be seen in the upcoming Avengers movie).

That could seriously up this game between Gonzalez and Coulson, with Bobbi and Mack having to reconsider their allegiances. Bobbi, for one, seems to have her doubts regarding the direction that Gonzalez is taking but will she act on that in time? Well, at least Fitz and Simmons know where they're at in this long game:

Mad Men started their run of the last few episodes of the series, jumping right into the 1970s with plenty of those awkward fashion choices making their debut(Roger's mustache is beyond hideous,in my opinion).

Don is a seemingly happy bachelor on the prowl yet quickly cast into despair upon learning of the death of former lover Rachel. Meanwhile, Peggy and Joan have success and money but a serious lack of respect from their male counterparts(Joan in particular) and lonely personal lives.

A lot of this is tried and true material for the show but with the upcoming finale, the main line of interest is in seeing how these characters will or won't resolve their issues as the world changes all around them.

Ultimately, the show will center it's major conclusion on Don and while that's emotionally right, I still want to have Peggy, Joan and even that creep Pete reach the end of their roads in a satisfying way. Well, we do have some time before that happens, so let's sit back and see what comes next:


THE VAMPIRE DIARIES: It's official; Nina Dobrev will leave the show by the end of this season and since next year will be the last one for the residents of Mystic Falls, it's just as well.  Don't get me wrong, I've enjoyed the antics of Elena but she's had her fair share of freeze,die, come to life on this series and perhaps a shot at a major motion picture is the reason for her need to say goodbye at this point in time.

Also, while many feel that Elena is the heart of the show, the main focus has always been the Salvatore brothers and maybe with the woman they both loved out of the picture, those boys can truly reconnect. So, fare thee well Nina and thanks for being such a fun date on Thursday nights:

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Thaddeus said...

Shield kept things moving along nicely with this episode. Lots of great little character beats, and they did fake me out with the Fitz & Simmons situation.

Rather than feeling forced, which was my attitude until the prior ep, this real Shield business adds some nice shadings and complexity to the storyline. Rather than being a way to keep the good guys busy or to delay the "big" action until the end of the season, it generates great tension with both existing parts and new players.

I watched the first 3 seasons of tVD, and those first 2 seasons astonished me with their smart plots and truly terrifying goings on. As happy as I was to see some genuine horror on TV, I was really really impressed by Nina Dobrev. She's beautiful, great in her role, and has a lovely chemistry with the cast. Dobrev always felt credible and natural, and tVD will surely be weaker for the loss of her.

All that said, I've heard the show is a little shakier in its 4th and 5th seasons, and that plots are getting recycled a bit. I wish her good fortune and much success.