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Thursday, May 14, 2015

The badass ladies of Outlander,Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D slam dunk their finale and GOT game playing

One of the best things about watching Outlander is not only having a smart and sassy heroine like Claire that takes matters into her own hands when need be, it's the back-up she gets from other women around her.

This week's episode had Claire team up with her sister-in-law Jenny to find and rescue Jamie from the redcoats and damn, if Jenny wasn't smooth. From carrying two guns(one in front, the other on the back of her waistband) to taking quick stops in order to drain her breast milk(she gave birth to her second child only days before setting out with Claire) and then pulling a bad cop/good cop with a captured soldier, Jenny is one woman only a fool would want to mess with:

Jenny had to end her part in the hunt for Jamie sooner that she'd like but not without getting some crucial intelligence first. Fortunately, Claire had another partner in arms to accompany her but in the end, she had just her own set of wits and nerve to mount a serious rescue which will occur by the next episode.

Claire has been lucky to have strong women by her side during her time travel adventure and granted, some of them were more hindrance than help yet seeing these take charge ladies in a patriarchal setting like this does pave the way for more fictional females to follow:

 Speaking of girl power, Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. had that in abundance during their season two finale. Skye was squarely in the center of the struggle between the Inhumans and Shield, due to her mother's manipulation of the situation.

Eventually, Skye saw the truth oddly enough thank to Raina(who died at the hands of Jiaying) but still had a tough choice to make. Particularly when you realize that she finally had her true family with her, only to have to allow them to be destroyed for the good of all:

All in all, this was one hell of a finale, nothing but fifty shades of "wow!" From action packed sequences to surprising plot twists(it was nice that Skye's dad received a redemption arc there) and some interesting set-ups for next time, this was a grand way to end season two indeed.

I do hope that season three takes us to even more new heights(Gemma better come back, cliffhanger or not there!) and now that Agent Carter has been given a second season that this double trouble duo encourages us all to keep tuning in for some truly marvelous TV. If you're disappointed about the MAOS spin-off being stopped before it started, don't be. That only means that Bobbi/Mockingbird will still be on this show and she is one serious asset that you don't want to get rid of anytime soon:

Meanwhile, on Game of Thrones, two women had to play different versions of power games starting with Sansa. Upon learning that Theon Greyjoy/Reek was part of the Bolton household, she managed to keep her cool as her intended husband cruelly suggested that Theon be part of their wedding as he was sort of her only family left.

You have to give it to Sansa, she does know how to roll with the punches by now. Since this is all part of a newer plot line than from the books, I'll be just as surprised as anyone when this all leads to what I hope is a bit of payback for the Red Wedding(The North remembers, they keep saying for a reason):

In Meereen, Danys is sick and tired of taking bloody losses from the Sons of the Harpy, so she rounds up members of the five great families in order to show them the Targaryen way.

It's much firmer than she acts in the books(hate to keep bringing that up but it's true) but this is a good change of pace for her character. With her best adviser gone, Dany needs to step up her game and using her dragons is key to staying on top of the heap here. As to starting up the fighting pits, well, we will have to wait and see if that strategy is doomed to fail or not:


THE FLASH: The season one finale is next week and it's bound to be an amazing finish to this exciting debut superhero series. For the most part, this show has hit it's stride early and apart from a few small stumbles, has managed to maintain a solid sense of self. So looking forward to how this first season ends and where the next one promises to begin:

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