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Thursday, June 18, 2015

Some GOT finale thoughts,a preview of Poldark and Food Network Star's smart choice

There were many folks upset by the events on the fifth season finale of Game of Thrones, mainly the departure of Jon Snow. While I did know that was coming, the question of whether or not he will be brought back to life via magic was left just as uncertain in the book as it was for the viewing audience.

Since Kit Harrington has said he's not returning to the show, this does look like the end and if so, we'll just carry on from there. After all, this is one show that holds true to the promise of "anyone can die at anytime."(as long as Dany,Tyrion and Arya,who *spoiler alert* will recover from her blindness, are still in play, I'm not leaving my Westeros post).

What I will get into is Cersei's walk of shame, her punishment at the hands of the High Sparrow and his Militant Faithful. Kudos to Lena Headey for turning this  harrowing scene into an award winning performance(hello,Emmy people, take notice!).

 The downfall of this most vicious of schemers in the Seven Kingdoms is one that many have been long waiting for and yet, some find this public humiliation to be another setback for female characters here. Yes, even someone like Cersei does deserve some modicum of dignity despite her various crimes but do keep in mind, folks, that the reason she put the High Sparrow in power to begin with was to take down her daughter in law Margery(who was arrested first).

Let's talk true here: if it was Margery who was sentenced to this "atonement", do you think that Cersei would feel an ounce of pity or try to help her in any way? Hell,no! She'd be smirking on the sidelines as the citizens of King's Landing jeered and pelted her with refuse. Therefore, Cersei took on a punishment that was intended for her enemy all along.  So, my sympathies are rather limited for her.

I have no doubt that this struggle for control between the remnants of the Lannister clan(RIP Myrcella) and the High Sparrow will carry on in both the show and the books and that Cersei will find a way to get her revenge for this incident, one way or another:

It's interesting to note that the book readers and TV-only viewers of GOT are both up to speed(and a little ahead of the story as well) here by now.

 That means all of us will have to wait and see what happens next as season sixth holds many questions such as "What happens now for Sansa and Reek?" and "What will Brienne of Tarth do now that she's had her revenge on Stannis?"(that was a good moment!) and best of all, "Will Dany have a Dothraki army to take back to Meereen to claim her other two dragons?" I so want to see that happen!:

Often on competition shows like Food Network Star, you get a contestant who loves to act the villain or the fool and in the case of Matthew, it was one and the same.

This arrogant culinary contender was quick to make a bad impression on everyone, with his rambling presentations, rude comments about others and childish pouting over judges' critiques.

It wasn't a surprise to see him up for elimination yet again on the second episode but it was a pleasant surprise to see Giada have a last minute change of heart and send him home. Both Bobby Flay and Alex Guarnacelli(who Matthew thought to compliment by calling her "a beast" to her face) wanted him out of there but Giada was willing to give him another chance.

The obvious smirk on Matthew's face as one of the other Bottom Three was about to be sent packing made her switch her vote and thank you, Giada, for that! Jerks do pop up in shows like this but we do not need to suffer them throughout an entire season:

As the Sunday night line-up is about to change, I'm happy to have Poldark to look forward to on PBS, starting this upcoming weekend. To whet our appetites, two scenes from episode one are now available for viewing and this one shows our hero returning home to a less than warm welcome from some of his nearest and dearest:

The next one has Ross Poldark chatting with his uncle, who is way too eager to encourage his nephew to seek his fortunes elsewhere.

I have to say that Aidan Turner(Poldark) is rather easy on the eyes and the whole look and feel of these scenes has that tasty authentic period vibe that invites my historical fiction sensibilities right in for a right good time. I plan to read the first two books in the Winston Groom series that this is based upon and which you will be hearing more about very soon. For now, let us delight in the company of such a fine fellow as Poldark seems to be:


BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER: ABC Family will be airing reruns of the iconic series(and yes, Dawson's Creek as well) by next week and if you want to enjoy some old school fun while school is not in session, stop by Sunnydale High for a frightfully good time:

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