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Monday, July 20, 2015

Checking out some Comic Con highlights at the Movie Trailer Park

There were plenty of fan sighs of joy as well as a few groans upon the multimedia hype released during the San Diego Comic Con the other week, with the merits of each upcoming film or TV series being endlessly debated and discussed.

While I didn't see every new trailer that came forth from the Con, the ones that I did catch online were certainly worthy of a little conversation. So, let's start with the big league elephant in the room, the official trailer for DC's Batman Vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice.

In this preview, we get more of an idea about the plot. The world is fearful of Superman, due to the mass destruction that occurred in Man of Steel(which also affected nearby Gotham City), yet some are willing to believe that his intentions are good. Bruce Wayne, however, is not one of the hopeful and plans to take him down, with perhaps some dubious assistance from Lex Luthor.

I know that many people are still not willing to accept "Batffleck" but I think that we should give Ben Afflick a fighting chance here. What I'm not crazy about is Jesse Eisenberg as Lex(what is with the full head of hair deal?),especially with his lame "the red capes are coming" line. Say what you will about Kevin Spacey in Superman Returns, at least his "WRONG!" was memorable in a good way.

All in all, BvsS:DoJ(that title is rather unwieldy) will either kick ass or be a spectacular fail when it is released next summer. Personally, I'm hoping for something in the middle there, as this film is the launching pad for Wonder Woman(who we needed to see more of here!) and her solo movie, so don't screw this up, folks!:

There were movies being touted at Comic Con that are actually arriving in theaters this year, such as Air, starring Norman Reedus and Djimon Hounsou as caretakers of the last remaining humans in a post apocalyptic world.

When an accident in the underground station where the select few are having a frozen sleep drastically reduces the remaining oxygen levels, the two men have to make some hard and fast choices, some of which could decide if humanity survives at all.

Granted, this is an August release(which looks like it may have been pushed back from a spring date) which is not always a good sign of quality. However, the trailer does look interesting, with the promise of a riveting two character(for the most part) drama and having two great character actors like Reedus and Hounsou as leads should be a blast:

TV shows had their moment in the sun at Comic Con as well and amongst the small screen offerings was the promo for Heroes Reborn, reviving the much beleaguered series with a mix of old and new characters.

The set-up has our "ordinary people with extraordinary powers" either in hiding or thought to be long gone after a tragic incident has made them public enemy number one. Among those returning to HRB are Noah Bennet(Jack Coleman), Mohinder Suresh(Sendhil Ramamurthy) and Micah(Noah Gray-Cabey), plus a certain master of time and space.

Yes, I did watch every season of Heroes and despite the flaws, it was such a fun ride that I will not hesitate to get on board again. I would have liked Sylar to return as well but there will probably be a new Big Bad introduced here of considerable merit, so I can deal:

The biggest surprise reaction of Comic Con(apart from the Deadpool trailer) was the instant shine that fans took to Suicide Squad, which is set to premiere next August.

If you're not familiar with this DC Comics series, here's a quick rundown: the title wild bunch are made up of second string villains employed by devious government agent Amanda Waller(Viola Davis) as the ideal wet work crew. If things go wrong, the authorities already have someone to blame.

Membership in this predatory pack has changed over time but regulars such as Deadshot(Will Smith), Captain Boomarang(Jai Courtney) and Harley Quinn(Margo Robbie) will be headlining here. Actually, Harley Quinn is being showcased strongly in this trailer along with a new Joker(Jared Leto) and I have to say she comes across as wickedly wonderful so far.

I was surprised to see Katana(Karen Fukuhara) included here, as I remember her from Batman and the Outsiders, where she was more of  a hero. Turns out she has worked with the Suicide Squad in the comics(plus was added to the cast of Arrow recently), so having her as part of this movie is consistent with the source material somewhat. Plus, she's pretty fricking awesome!

With Suicide Squad awaiting us next summer, I think DC has a better chance in gaining a foothold on Marvel's movie success than BvS. While I'm not thrilled with Leto as the Joker(he seems to be trying to channel Heath Ledger rather fiercely in his performance), everyone else looks and sounds incredible and yes, as a Harley Quinn fangirl, I am most pleased to see her get such a delicious debut on the big screen. Here's hoping for a solo Harley Quinn film in the future!:

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