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Thursday, July 16, 2015

Love is a battlefield for Poldark, Food Network Star improvs and Comic Con love for Gotham

Reactions to the wedding of Ross and Demelza on Poldark were less than happy, with only cousin Verity being considerate enough to write a congratulatory note to the new couple.

Demelza has her doubts, too, mainly about fitting in with her husband's family and social peers. Again, Verity to the rescue as she spends some much needed quality time with the newlyweds and gives Demelza a few lessons in fancy living. Seeing those two become fast friends is a real joy!

Demelza manages to get up enough courage to visit the rest of the Poldarks at Christmas, making a better impression than she thought she would.

Of course, the real threat on that horizon is Elizabeth, who still wants Ross to think only of her. Fortunately, Ross is able to keep those lingering affections at bay while coming around slowly to just how much he loves Demelza. Trouble is still going to abound on that front,especially with Francis being such a jerk(he is beyond annoying at times) and Elizabeth keeping her torch for Ross burning a little bit there:

The main challenge on Food Network Star this week was all about improvisation as special guest David Allen Grier came in to set up the culinary contenders with their unusual food combos.

First, each chef was given a tricky trio made up of odd foods with a signature color(such as chicken livers and caramel squares with blue),along with a specific time of day meal to cook for and then make a presentation in front of an audience lasting four minutes.

The extra curve ball was that the audience got to chose two topics for each presenter to work into their spiel. Most of them did alright, with Eddie acing this round just as well as he did the pizza challenge earlier on. The guy's on fire!

Unfortunately, Emilia's attempt to be interesting was a severe misfire as she decided to crack several bad jokes about her fellow contestants. Not only was that not something asked of her from the audience(her add-ins were to talk about plating and watching Food Network), she came off extremely negative and off putting there. I was glad to see her gone but as Emilia managed to survive her first time at Star Salavation(along with #horrible Matthew), she might come back! I hope that she doesn't as her sorry stand-up was truly tasteless:

The cast of Gotham received a very warm reception at the San Diego Comic Con the other week, with plenty of fan love on display. I know quite a few Robin Lord Taylor devotees were thrilled to see their Penguin there!

It's nice to see that despite the ups and downs of the show's first season that a good number of folks are willing to stick with the series and offer a ton of support. A fun surprise occurred during the Q & A as a certain clown prince of crime grabbed the mike(rumors are that the Joker will be more prominently featured next year). Too bad Cameron Donaghan isn't playing that part in the upcoming Suicide Squad movie but at least we have his sinister doings to look forward to this September:


THE NIGHTLY SHOW: New episodes are expected soon and they will be welcome indeed. Funny how when the good comedy shows go on vacation that real world wackiness ensues big time. At least there will be plenty to talk about:


Deborah Ann said...

You have made me want to see the miniseries, Poldark, and read the books with your explanation and the bit of film you have shown from the series.

lady t said...

Thanks, Deborah, glad to hear it! Hope you enjoy the show as much as I have:)