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Thursday, July 09, 2015

Poldark has a happily hasty wedding, Food Network Star's Salvation series and a shallow speed round with John Oliver

We're up to episode three of Poldark but already things are moving fast as Elizabeth has her baby, Uncle Charles takes ill, Francis is in a jealous snit(so sick of that by now!) and Ross has opened his copper mine.

What's moving even faster is the gossip surrounding Ross and Demelza, as most of the neighborhood believes that they're lovers. Even Demelza's reformed reprobate of a father has the nerve to demand that she return home, due to the scandalous talk. However, both Ross and Demelza are somewhat innocently unaware of such rumors yet clearly do have serious feelings for each other:

Eventually, the two of them do get romantically involved(with some help from a certain blue dress) and it's not long before they end up in a chapel exchanging vows.

While they do say "marry in haste, repent at leisure", I do hope that the honeymoon isn't too bumpy for the new Mr. & Mrs. Poldark. True, they will have to face plenty of socially awkward moments but Ross and Demelza are a true love match here. With any luck, maybe Elizabeth will finally get the hint and back off(she so needs to!):

Food Network Star has their own version of Top Chef's Last Chance Kitchen called Star Salvation, which gives eliminated contenders another shot at re-entering the game.

Joining them this week was Rue, a person that I really like on the show yet she still has trouble conveying her focus on South African cuisine. For this round, the chefs had to make a dish that made them "fall in love" with food.

This was meant to tie into the theme of the episode that Rue was just a part of, edible speed dating for a Match.com crowd. Fortunately, she did much better here and is still the running for FNS's second chance. Sadly, hashtag horrible Matthew is also here and despite the quality of his food, he still has smirky jerk syndrome(meaning that he can't shut up or resist making faces during the critiques).  I really, really hope that he gets dropped out of this competition because once was more than enough to deal with him.

And finally, with so many comedy shows taking some much needed time off during the summer, let us be grateful to John Oliver of Last Week Tonight for leaving us with a web exclusive video of humorous quick looks.

Without further ado, delight in the "shallow dives" of John Oliver's incredibly witty mind until the new episode airs this upcoming Sunday(another thing to thank him for!):


LAST WEEK TONIGHT: Oh, what the hell-here's more web exclusive goodness to snicker along with:



denise226 said...

i am sooo in love with Damelza and Ross cant wait for sunday denise smith

Caryl Kane said...

I agree things are moving very fast with Poldark! Can't wait for the next episode.