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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Entering Quantico, Gotham deals with Maniax and keeping the Home Fires burning on PBS

Welcome back to TV Thursdays, folks, where I highlight the most interesting items on my must-watch list. This may only be a semi-regular feature,due to personal family reasons, but I'll try my best to keep up with the doings on the small screen.

First up is a look at Quantico, the new spy thriller series that stars Priyanka Chopra as Alex Parrish, a trainee at the famous FBI school. Alex winds up being in the wrong place at the really wrong time when a major bomb goes off in New York and is being framed rather fast and furiously for the crime.

As she goes on the run to clear her name, Alex goes over her time with her fellow classmates in flashback to figure out who's truly behind all of this. There's a lot of suspects, including a guy Alex had a backseat quickie with before they even got to the academy, but just about anybody here could be the villian.

In episode one alone, we've  had plenty of over the top elements(spoiler alert, you have been warned) already such as one candidate actually being twins who take turns being out in the world. How that's going to play into this whole scenario, I can't tell yet but I do suspect that it's a double portion of red herring here.

I'm willing to give Quantico a fair chance as Priyanka Chopra does make for a compelling leading lady and my Sunday nights are still up for grabs in certain time slots. This could be a nifty thrill ride if the story lines don't go completely off the rails:

Gotham has roared into season two with a serious new threat in town who called themselves Maniax. Don't worry, Penguin is still around and making power plays but there is a new act on stage that refuses to be ignored.

A band of Arkham Asylum escapees bankrolled by a mysterious newcomer to the city,  their goal is to wreak havoc in order to pave the way for some unknown "salvation". Theo Galavan and his hench woman, Tigress, are clearly using these dementors for their own dark purpose but I suspect that may backfire on them at some point.

Some of the Maniax have already been taken out of commission but the key players include Barbara Kean(Jim Gordon's exe who has become completely gone girl) and Jerome, who we were briefly introduced to last season and is more than likely our future Joker. For those of you who thought the first season was too slow to go, you need to strap yourselves in for the frenzy being unleashed as the Maniax truly paint the town red:

PBS Masterpiece is starting up their fall season with very British fare such as the period drama miniseries Home Fires, beginning this upcoming Sunday.

Based on the nonfiction book by Julie Summers(which I'll be reviewing some time soon), the show focuses on a group of English women during WWII that joined the organization known as the Women's Institute and played a pivotal role in maintaining a steady life for those folks left behind as their soldiers headed off for the battlefields.

The story of Home Fires is set in the village of Great Pagford, with women on different rungs of the social ladder learning to work together. With stars like Francesca Annis and Samantha Bond headlining the cast, this show should be a seriously sweet cup of tea for those cool autumn nights to come:


MARVEL'S AGENTS OF S.H.I.E.L.D: The third season has kicked off to one hell of a start as the Inhumans are the main focus, with Skye becoming Daisy,aka Quake, and the hunt is on for more of these newly powered characters from all sides. I know that the show is going to tie into the next MCU movie(Captain America: Civil War) at some point but I do hope that we keep getting this amazing action packed story telling regardless of that:

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