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Thursday, December 31, 2015

Putting up a playlist for a New Year's Eve Dance Party!

Well, now is the time to say farewell to the year about to pass and hello to hopeful better things for the new one that's ready to begin. Goodness knows, with all of the real world chaos going on, that we could certainly try to feel better by dancing.

 To that end, I've selected a list of dance friendly tunes for all of you to groove this New Year's Eve. Mind you, these may not the kind of seasonal toe tappers that you'd be expecting or even have a direct tie-in to the holiday.

Nonetheless, the theme is dance and we begin with ABBA, who have a vast array of tunes to choose from in this category. That made this choice hard but I think that "Voulez-Vous" fits the bill nicely:

 Next up is something a bit more modern with a retro twist. Daft Punk did more than one song with Pharrell Williams on their last album and while "Lucky" deserved all the attention it received, "Lose Yourself to Dance" is an excellent song that should be heard more and more often.

Instead of going with the official video, I chose this awesome fan-made one that uses clips from Soul Train and their dance line and the two go together incredibly well there, I must say:

Speaking of modern with a touch of retro, Lady Gaga's "Just Dance"  is picture perfect here and she's had a pretty good year career wise lately.

Bouncing back from the lackluster impact of ArtPop to doing an old school duet album with the legendary Tony Bennett and now up for a Golden Globe for her work in American Horror Story: Hotel, Gaga certainly has plenty to celebrate as 2015 winds down.

It's nice to see an artist rise from the ashes and take her talents forward in a new direction that challenges both her and the audience. Looking forward to seeing Lady Gaga go even further in the new year and many others to come:

To go completely retro, let's sink another drink for Billy Idol's "Dancing with Myself" , a song that just screams eighties music scene there.

One of my favorite jokes from the final season of Buffy the Vampire Slayer had Spike being referred to as Billy Idol, with Buffy correcting the guy about just who influenced who there. To be fair, Spike's early looks were certainly Idol inspired:

 To wrap things up, some laughs are in order and out of the many parodies of Bruno Mars' "Uptown Funk", this Harry Potter themed one is my all-out favorite.

Not only is a great fun and funny dance video, it also celebrates the fandom and since we're getting a brand new cinematic addition to the Potterverse with Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them in 2016, ending this playlist with "Dark Lord Funk" feels truly apropos.

Happy New Year, everyone, and I hope we all find some pop culture magic to inspire and comfort us during the new year. With any luck, maybe we'll all have good reason to dance with joy and wonder at what is before us and yet to come:

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