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Thursday, January 21, 2016

Downton Abbey hears wedding bells, Supergirl has an awkward friend moment and Agent Carter heads out to Hollywood

 We're in the midst of the final season of Downton Abbey and already, a big wedding has thankfully taken place. It was getting to be touch and go for Mrs. Hughes and Mr. Carson as Lady Mary's determination to overrule the bride's wishes about the locale brought a few unspoken tensions to light.

What with that and the trouble in finding the right bridal outfit(I was really mad at Cora for taking out her anger about that hospital business at Mrs. Hughes for trying on that coat when it was Mary yet again who was to blame for that miscommunication), those wedding plans were starting to look pretty dodgy there.

However, this is the last season after all, so once the proper apologies were made and kind gestures followed them up, the ceremony went off without a hitch. Carson and Hughes are sweetly stern people who should make a real power couple in the long run there and I hope by the finale episode, their future together continues to look bright:

It was great to see Tom return with Sybil, as his time in Boston only made him long to be back at Downton, yet I do hope that more attention is given to Edith during these last episodes.

She seems to have a shot at a real romance with Bertie, the fella who eagerly joined in to help Edith pull the magazine together at the last minute after she finally fired that horrible editor. With a flat in London, a business of her own and her child safely by her side, I think it's time that Edith left the family homestead and make a better life for herself elsewhere.

Her Aunt Rosemund would certainly be helpful in that department, as she's been urging her favorite niece(in my opinion) to take charge of her own life and seems to be the only one in the family who believes in Edith's personal potential. Come on, Lady Edith, you're more that prepared to be a modern woman,for your time, that is:

On Supergirl this week, our Maiden of Steel had to recapture an escaped Toyman but that mission had a personal edge to it. Turns out her friend Winn is the son of that particular mad man and hates his father for the terrible deaths that he caused,due to seeking revenge for stolen toy ideas.

Kara was able to offer a sympathetic ear and restraint in going after Toyman for Winn's sake, however that situation got awkward rather quickly. Winn, not wanting to keep his emotions bottled up like his father, expressed his true romantic feelings towards Kara and found out that they were not reciprocated:

Naturally, this has put a huge crimp in their relationship and while Toyman was finally caught and sent back to jail, there is still residual damage between the two of them.

I really hope that this rift is mended in a healthy way for both characters, as it's important to show audiences that a romantic rejection is an obstacle that can be overcome and allow a good friendship to be maintained.

I point over to Buffy the Vampire Slayer for proof of this as Xander had a major crush on Buffy from day one and despite his jealousy over her obvious preference for Angel, was able to set those feelings aside in order to help save the day by the end of the first season.

 In fact, Xander became not only one of Buffy's best friends, he was a solid ally in the fight against evil and found love more than one on his own.

 Granted, all of that was not without screw-ups and angst along the way yet by the time the series finale came around, Xander was still standing with two of his best friends who happened to be female. Having Winn turn to the dark side over this would be a terrible development and perhaps the show runners are not planning to go there but I do know that there are shippers out there who are already blaming Kara for not being with "the nice guy".

Guess what, gang-she is NOT obliged to be with him in that way. If you've been watching the show, it's crystal clear that Kara is into James, who is now back together with Lucy Lane, and that she has always seen Winn as a good friend and nothing more. Kara and Winn do need time to get over this faux pas and seeing them decide to stay friends is a positive path that someone who truly cares about the characters would want them to take:

On a lighter note, Agent Carter is back for a second season and things are looking brighter already as Peggy is sent off to L.A. to deal with a mystery involving a frozen lake in a heatwave and a death that may be a key link to a conspiracy involving an alien power source.

Seeing Peggy back in action is grand fun, especially since Mr. Jarvis is by her side and we get to meet his lovely wife Ana, who is pure fun. Nice to see more female characters on the show and that a sense of humor promises to be threaded into the proceedings.

 Some of the plot points being set up here appear to  be tied into the current story line on Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D(which will be back in March) and while continuity is fine, I do hope that this season of Agent Carter will allow our leading lady to take a few bold moves of her own accord here:


DC'S LEGENDS OF TOMORROW: The superhero all-star series starts tonight and should be a blast, especially since we have a few villains on board with this time traveling team for the ride. Most of these comic book characters may not be familiar to new viewers but I think that if the acting and writing are well done, they may be household names in no time flat:

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