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Thursday, February 25, 2016

A sister showdown on Downton Abbey, Agent Carter's musical moment and the welcome return of Last Week Tonight

As we get closer to the very last episode of Downton Abbey, a lot of major character issues are being dealt with and one of the biggest ones is Mary's constant scorn towards her sister Edith.

True, way back in Season One, Edith did do her sister a wrong turn by letting the cat out of the bag regarding a certain deceased Turkish visitor but that never lead to any serious trouble for Mary, not to mention she paid Edith back by thwarting her then current chance at love.

Since then, Mary and Edith have been on the warpath but Edith did ask for a truce when their younger sister Sybil died. Mary pretty much shrugged and said "Nah" to that.

For the most part, she has turned a blind eye towards anything to do with Edith but Mary recently figured out the truth regarding Marigold(a daughter that Edith has passed off as a ward of the family) and used that viciously against her.

Being upset over her own relationship troubles(not wanting to become a "crash widow" yet again), Mary took the worst possible opportunity to let Edith's beau Bertie, who has now become a marquess, that his soon-to-be fiancee was keeping a secret from him. Edith admitted the truth to Bertie, who was more upset about her not telling him about Marigold than anything else, and that proposal was quickly withdrawn.

That was the last straw for both Edith and newly returned Tom, who each gave Mary a right royal smack in the face for her nasty snobbish ways. Edith's wrath was most effective as she knows her sister all too well and wasn't putting up with any more of her highhandedness:

That wasn't the only shocker on this episode(poor Barrow's despair leading him to attempt to take his life) yet Edith's plight did over shadow the other quite a bit.

Well, I am Team Edith all the way and never did care much for Mary, who finally did fix her love situation and married her "mechanic"(a rather well to-do one there) by the end of the episode.

Edith showed her true colors by taking the high road and attending Mary's wedding, even telling her that their connection as sisters was more important than holding grudges. As grateful as I am that the series finale will be shown on March 6(allowing many of us to watch the Oscars without having to choose between them), Edith better have her happy ending,too, or we riot:

Agent Carter had an unexpected lighthearted moment as Peggy was knocked out long enough to have a musical dream sequence.

The whole number was about her indecision to choose between doomed scientist Jason Wilkes and her SSR cohort Sousa, whose fiancee has broken up with him due to his unrequited love for Peggy. I know that a certain recapper will be happy to see that Peggy's gal pal Angie made an appearance here and has not been forgotten.

 What with all of the intense action going on to stop dark matter diva Whitney Frost, defeat the sinister Council and Jarvis's lovely wife Ana being caught in the crossfire, this musical break was a nice plot point palate cleanser and maybe a prelude to more of this in Season Three, I hope?:

It was great to see Last Week Tonight return to HBO on Sunday, just in time to skewer Hollywood for their #OscarsSoWhite traditions with their "How Is This Still A Thing" segment a week before the Academy Awards.

I feel the same way about the Oscars that John Oliver feels about the World Cup-I acknowledge the corruption and agree that it seriously needs to change yet will still be watching the show and rooting for certain people to win. I'll talk more about the Oscars tomorrow but in the meantime, if you haven't seen this on point takedown on Hollywood casting choices(shaking my head at Gods of Egypt, not to mention Emma Stone in Aloha), please enjoy:


DC's LEGENDS OF TOMORROW: After a couple of blasts in the past, the gang take an off road into the future and discover a very different Star City with a new Green Arrow at the helm. Should be a total treat and a half, with a scary surprise or two in store:

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