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Thursday, February 18, 2016

Kitchen troubles on Downton Abbey, The Flash gets the chills from Killer Frost and more of How To Get Away With Murder

With all of the major plot lines on Downton Abbey this final season, it is nice to indulge in an amusing sub plot such as Mr. Carson getting his comeuppance for constantly fussing at his new wife about her cooking.

It's particularly galling of him since he knows full well that her household duties at Downton don't extend to food prep and it's bad form to keep comparing his wife's culinary skills to Mrs. Patmore's(one episode, Carson said "Mrs. Patmore" at dinner so many times that I was tempted to start up a drinking game!).

Fortunately, the former Mrs. Hughes is smart enough to find a way to subtly yet sharply put him in his place with a little ruse that had Carson find out what things were like on the other side of the kitchen table. She had a bit of an assist from Mrs. Patmore on that score, which was extremely suitable to the situation:

As engaged as I am in the main story lines(Will Edith marry Bertie and tell him the truth about Marigold? I certainly hope so and that Mary doesn't muck it up for her), light hearted bits like this are a welcome relief from the intensity of the drama.

Mrs. Patmore is still in sub plot land next week, as a secret regarding her is discovered  that causes some embarrassment or amusement, depending on who is talking about it. I just hope that it's not too bad for her sake:

The last couple of episodes of The Flash had Barry and Cisco heading up a rescue mission on Earth-Two, which allowed them to meet up with some very alarming alternate versions of their friends(and themselves).

The one deadly doppelganger that truly surprised them was Killer Frost, the E-2 take on Caitlin Snow. Here, the icy villainess was paired up with Deathstorm(the bad boy version of Firestorm) as lackeys for Zoom.

Her loyalty to Zoom was limited,however, once her lethal love interest was executed by the grim speedster, along with Cisco's bad ass evil twin Reverb(bet the actors had a lot of fun playing bad guys there!).

  I know that some people felt that having Killer Frost as an E-2 enemy was a bit of a cheat, since her character was originally part of Earth One but with character origins that change over the course of time due to reboots, you need to go with the flow sometimes. Besides, this may not be the last we see of Killer Frost as Barry did promise to rescue a certain iron masked captive of Zoom's. Also, Killer Frost is too much fiendish fun to have just once:

How To Get Away With Murder returned to the TV line-up last week, with Annalise still reeling after her near fatal gun shot wound as well as the legal mess of the Hapstall case. At least she has some seriously styling PJs to do that in.

The rest of her staff and students aren't faring any better, with Asher insisting that his father's death was due to murder, not suicide(a way of avoiding his guilt over mowing down that bitchy D.A., if you ask me) and Wes dealing with what he did to Annalise, plus wondering why she called him "Christophe". Yep, another mystery to be revealed!

One thing about this show that never fails, even as convoluted as it gets at times, is to keep your interest in these character going long enough to see them through to the end of their twisted story lines. So looking forward to seeing how the remainder of this second season unravels and keeping my fingers crossed for a sweet set-up for season three:


THE GRAMMYS: Congratulations to Alabama Shakes, Ghost(who received their award for "Cirice" in the pre-show section) and the Broadway musical Hamilton for their much deserved wins that night and while there may be questions regarding the many musical tributes given that evening(I did like Lady Gaga's Bowie salute), just about everyone agrees that seeing that opening number for Hamilton was one of the best moments:

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