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Friday, March 04, 2016

Preparing to see the last of my Downton Abbey fictional friends

Well, we are truly at the end of the road with Downton Abbey as the final episode of the final season will be airing this upcoming Sunday night. I know that I will not be alone in seeing the Crawleys and their staff take their leave of us, far from it.

With any parting from such longtime companions, there are a few faces that will be missed more than most and to that end, I have pulled together a small tribute to a handful of my favorite folk from Downton whom I shall be quite sad to no longer see on a regular basis:

MRS. PATMORE: This tough talking cook wasn't always a favorite of mine as she rode poor Daisy quite harshly during the first couple of seasons. Over time,however, her tender heart showed and frankly, Daisy's demeanor has lost it's charms for me(I do wish her well, of course).

While not as prone to scandalous subplots as most of the characters, Mrs. Patmore has had her fair share of story line woes. From needing a pair of eyeglasses in order to keep up with her work to trying to get her nephew the recognition he deserved for his part in war and most recently, being accused of running a "house of ill repute", this strong willed lady does her very best to meet those non-culinary challenges thrown her way.

One of the things that made me and other fans grow to love her are those sharp slices of wisdom that she handed out with the daily meals, not to mention those unexpected moments when Mrs. Patmore revealed a heartwarming humorous side, as tasty as any fine five course dinner she's made over the years:

ANNA AND MR. BATES: While the Mary and Matthew romance gained a lot of attention, the love between housemaid Anna and valet Mr. Bates has run a close second with fans the world over.

Personally, I was always more invested in these two as the feelings between them felt much more sincere. True, Anna and Bates have incurred a heaping amount of obstacles that rival the romantic turmoil of their employers, what with murder accusations for each of them, plus a horrific sexual assault to be dealt with both separately and together and now anxiety over Anna's ability to carry a child to full term.

Yet, no matter what, the two of them manage to renew their spirits and their love. While I have no idea how their last plot line will turn out, there is no doubt that Anna and her beloved Bates will stay true to each other long after the end credits run:

LADY EDITH: Of the three Crawley sisters, Edith was set up as the Jan Brady of the bunch, only with "Mary,Mary,Mary" to deal with as her rival. True, she did rat on her elder sister in season one but that attempt blew up in her face rather quickly there.

Over the seasons, Edith has made strides towards being her own person and doing far better than her own family has been willing to give her credit for. From doing volunteer work during the war to running a magazine in London, she's shown herself to be clever and courageous when need be.

Her love life has certainly required courage, from that wedding she was practically pulled away from at the altar to a doomed love affair with a not yet divorced man who died before Edith could tell him of their upcoming baby. Her prospects for true love have been dashed yet again(most cruelly by Mary, no surprise) but there is still a chance for Edith to get her happy ending. If not, we riot:

 COUNTESS VIOLET:  Last but most decidedly far from least, I and countless others will dearly miss that sharper than a sword blade tongue of our dear dowager, who had us right from the start with her query, "what is a weekend?"

Time and time again, Countess Violet has livened up many a plot point or key discussion with her forthright manner and steadfast hold on old school ways. Her battles with many a friend and foe alike(especially cousin Isobel, who is as close to her equal in determination as they come) have given audiences a great amount of delight.

Of course, Countess Violet is not merely the deliverer of amusing one liners and bon mots. She's had a few sad secrets in her past, including an affair with a Russian nobleman that drew her close to causing serious scandal. However, she has come to terms with those lost moments and while her latest campaign over control of the local hospital appears to be in retreat, chances are that Her Ladyship will find something in the aftermath to hold up as a win.

So, as we say farewell to Downton Abbey and it's inhabitants, let our last looks at everyone assembled be happy ones and with any luck, the final words we hear be a final parting shot from our indomitable Countess of Grantham, who certainly does deserve the last word indeed:

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