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Thursday, April 14, 2016

Sleepy Hollow loses a witness, Outlander takes on France and iZombie sets up a new playing field for season 3

While Sleepy Hollow has had a rocky third season,to put it mildly, the finale truly hit rock bottom as Abbie Mills sacrificed herself to save everyone from the evil god known as The Hidden One and is alas no more. Crane was able to say his goodbyes and it appears that he will be seeking a new Witness to accompany him, a search that I suspect may be cut short soon.

According to reports, Nicole Beharie has been wanting to leave the show for some time now and when attempts to convince her to stay failed, she took her last bows as Abbie. It was nice to see Abbie have one last meet-up with Sheriff Corbin(whose son was also written out of the show) but it's a shame that she didn't have a better written season to make that sign-off a strong one.

 There's still no word yet if a fourth season will happen, due to huge outcry from the fan base at the loss of such a pivotal character. Speaking as a fan myself, I really don't think the show will do as well as it surprisingly did without her on board.

 Tom Mison is a delight as Ichabod Crane but the heart of the series is the connection between his character and hers, a chemistry that can not simply be replicated by pairing him up with another actress. Frankly, I would've given up on this show a long time ago if it wasn't for both Mison and Beharie, both of whom deserve bigger and better roles.

Whether or not there is a fourth season, I feel that this will be the last of what was good and worth watching Sleepy Hollow for. Best of luck to Nicole Beharie, who I hope to be seeing soon on whatever screen will be smart enough to hire her, and perhaps she and Mison will meet again in a project that will display their talents more fittingly:

Meanwhile,iZombie has had one hell of an awesome second season, with a two hour finale that was truly killer(especially for special guest star singer Rob Thomas).

 From Liv discovering the truth behind Major's Chaos Killer spree(which actually was more of a "freeze,die,come to life" deal) and revealing her undead status to Clive, right down to the Max Rager party turning into a mini zombie apocalypse, the giddy and gory goodness was a true pop culture buffet of all you can eat and then some. So glad to see the bad guys get what was so coming to them(with a few villains left around for next time) and having Clive in on the zombie antics will keep things fresh, plot wise.

I actually skipped watching Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. that night(and yes, I did catch up on it later), in order to take in the whole story telling sweetness and if only the CW could air this show in a time slot that I don't already have a cool show booked, I could watch it live without making a coin flip choice.

Oh,well, at least we are definitely getting another season with Liv and the gang, which should be interesting as there appears to be a pro-zombie movement setting up shop in Seattle. How good or bad that's going to be promises to be fun indeed:

Fortunately, with some shows ending, new seasons are just starting for some as Outlander began it's second season this past weekend. While the opening episode did take it's time dealing with Frank and Claire in the twentieth century before getting us back to Jamie and Claire(which was a necessary evil) in the past, that was well worth the wait.

Since I'm still in the midst of Dragonfly in Amber(the second book in Diana Gabaldon's series), I do have an idea of what's to come but all I will say is that this adventure in France will be quite opulent, visually and character wise. Yes, the romance and intrigue of the season is still about the fate of Scotland but don't be surprised if you find yourself wanting to linger a bit longer in France. The outfits they get to wear in Paris alone will be particularly drool-worthy:


DC's LEGENDS OF TOMORROW: If you have been disappointed by a certain superhero match-up on the big screen recently, checking out their small screen equivalents should remove that tang of sour dismay from your pop culture palate. While Legends of Tomorrow may not perfect but it certainly provides more well thought out entertainment and some nifty action packed moments just as good as any night out at the movies:

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Thaddeus said...

iZombie was amazing. It was a bit overwrought in exactly one place (do you call a zombie undercover cop a "zumbercover?"). The action was great, the character beats were great. Thomas seems to be of a mind to "explode" his series every year, and I'm greatly impressed. All the Rob Thomas/Rob Thomas jokes were exceptional.

SHIELD was okay. I guess this season was good enough.. but this show will always live in the shadow of what it could be. Alias was far from perfect, but it told a lot of the same kind of stories as Disney's Marvel's TV's Agents does. And it told them in ways that were more fun and engaging and endearing for the audience.