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Thursday, May 19, 2016

Family reunions and fiery displays on GOT,Outlander's time travel issues and a doozy of a finale for Daisy on Agents of Shield

I have to say that I do actually like not knowing what will happen next on Game of Thrones, now that readers and non readers are on the same page, show wise.

 Just this last episode, we had the amazing surprise of three family reunions with Theon arriving home in time to help his sister claim the Greyjoy throne and Margery doing her best to encourage her broken brother Loras during their mutual imprisonment.

Of course, the major reunion was between Stark siblings Sansa and a freshly raised from the dead Jon Snow. After so many near misses for these kids to find each other(or at least some family that wasn't dead), this was a wonderful moment to cherish indeed. Especially since Sansa is now showing a stronger, more mature side and with Rickon now in peril as a prisoner of Ramsey Bolton. I think we will see some Starks in Winterfell yet again:

Meanwhile, as Tyrion is working on stabilizing Meereen, Dany made her power play with the Dothraki khals, thanks to a bit of help from Jorah and Daario. Using her invulnerability to fire, she not only took out the entire male driven leadership in one hell of a patriarchal pyre but regained an army of devoted followers to boot.

I do hope that this soon leads to Dany reclaiming her dragons and heading out to Westeros sooner rather than later. With the White Walkers making their way North, some serious fire power is going to be needed, not to mention that it's time for King's Landing to become Queen's Landing:

On Outlander, things are getting more hopelessly complicated as Claire and Jamie keep trying to thwart the seemingly inevitable Scottish rebellion but their plots appear to be no match for the forward march of history.

Their most personal time line predicament is the one where their mutual enemy Black Jack Randall has to stay alive long enough to sire a child in order to keep his bloodline going,so that Claire's future husband Frank can exist. I'll try not to get too book spoilery here but this does need to be gone over in some detail.

For Claire to have gone back in time in the first place, she must be in Scotland during the right time in modern history and the only reason she was there to begin with was due to Frank. If she meets someone else, then her whole romance with Jamie,along with any children they might have, would not have happened at all. With Black Jack and his future descendant Frank practically being doppelgangers, this is an absolute certainty.

Claire getting Jamie to reluctantly agree to hold off on his well earned vengeance was not an easy thing to do and it's a vow that Jamie winds up breaking for a very good reason,which is leading to some painful moments for all involved. However, that's the price of time travel as well as attempting to alter fate, a task that only the strong hearted can survive:

Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. had their two hour finale this week and quite a toll was taken on Daisy, who was suffering severe withdrawal from the parasite clutches of Hive.

Wracked with massive guilt over the things she did while under Hive's sway, at one point, Daisy begged Hive to put her back under his control. That proved to be impossible, since Lash's power made her immune to any reattempts there. So, she did the next best thing, which was to have an awesome throwdown with the ultimate Inhuman there:

Daisy had plans to redeem herself by being the one to take the huge sacrificial death seat in order to stop Hive's scheme but Lincoln,her Inhuman boyfriend, was tapped for that honor instead.

Her emotional devastation over that is understandable, given that she was shown this particular demise via a vision from another Inhuman,who died to save her. We do get a "six months later" ending where Daisy is on the run and apparently using her powers for possibly good in a bad way purposes(plus, ramping up her abilities there).

I am looking forward to next season yet concerned that the network may not be feeling the same way. Between canceling Agent Carter(glad to see Hayley Atwell get a new series but still,...), calling off the Shield spin-off series before it even started filming and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. being pushed back to a later time slot this fall, it looks as if the powers that be are losing interest here. I hope that's not the case, as this show has really come a long way from where it began and has a lot more good times to give us in the future, if they only keep this game going strong:


EUROVISION: For the first time ever, this international musical competition was aired in the US and audiophiles as well as new viewers rejoiced upon watching the amazing talent and showmanship of these singing sensations. My whole family spent that Saturday watching this show unfold in all of it's glory and we applauded when the winner was announced.

 Congratulations to Jamala of Ukraine for her heartrending tribute to the plight of her grandmother back in "1944" and we all salute your musical strength in bringing this song to life:

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