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Friday, June 10, 2016

Having a Hamilton party at the Tonys

The Tony Awards are set to air this Sunday and there's no use in pretending that any other musical is going to sweep the show than Hamilton, the brilliant biopic written by Lin-Manuel Miranda,who also performs the title role.

This musical has broken so many boundaries in such wonderful ways, by using the hip-hop and rap genre as well as a diverse cast to make the story of this particular Founding Father come alive off of the pages of history.

Yes, it helped that Miranda did base his facts upon Ron Chernow's renowned and award winning biography(Chernow was also a consultant for the production) but it was his creative drive to do something completely different with such well worn material that turned this show into the pop culture phenomenon that it has become:

Even though the difficulty of getting tickets for Hamilton is now a regular running joke, so many people have tuned into it via the soundtrack(which I bought for my birthday and still need to finish listening to) and the companion book that is still a big bestseller.

One of many reasons that the fanbase is growing is due to the generous nature of the cast, who put on mini-performances for folks waiting in line for a chance at discounted tickets. Known as "Ham4Ham", these surprise numbers sometimes include special guests like the cast of the musical Fun Home and a certain sci-fi director(yes, there is a Hamilton/Star Wars connection,folks!):

Hamilton has also inspired at least two or more book tags, with many of the literary lovers on YouTube following along,not to mention plenty of reviews for the bound play book(aka "Hamiltome").

The sincerest form of flattery for Hamilton is of course the parodies. There are plentiful to be sure, with some either focusing on one song or tapping into the current state of our election cycle right now.

My personal favorite of these mock tributes is Batlexander Manilton, which morphs the saga of the Dark Knight seamlessly into this Broadway style. It would probably make for a great full fledged musical, certainly way better than Spiderman: Turn Off the Dark was,that's for sure:

 No doubt, there are some who are already sick of hearing about Hamilton and that's perfectly understandable. Sometimes a great book, movie or play can be over hyped to the point of exhaustion which can turn people off to even checking it out for themselves.

However, I do hope that Hamilton goes on to lead to bigger and better things for musical theater,inspiring more and more breaks from tradition to bring Broadway into more of the modern age.

There's nothing wrong with the old school style but with so many musicals being remakes of films and/or revivals these days, it is good to see an original production take hold of the pop culture consciousness like this.

 The Tony Awards should have amazing ratings this year, not just for Hamilton but with Late,Late Show's James Corden doing the hosting honors this time around as well. Yes, this will be a Hamilton party but as Corden's newest Carpool Karaoke shows, the music of Broadway is an invitation for all to sing along:

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