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Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Chilling out at the Comic Con Movie Trailer Park

If you ask me, the only convention worth checking out this summer was Comic Con but if also like me, you were not able to attend, there are plenty of fresh and fun trailers from that mega event to enjoy in the hopefully cool comfort of your home.

Naturally, soon to be released movies were highlighted such as the strongly anticipated Suicide Squad, which DC really needs to boost their movie mojo after a certain lackluster superhero flick fizzled out earlier this year.

 The newest trailer gives us a bit of a hint as to what this gruesome gang is up against(a threat called Goliath) and an awesome Harley Quinn elevator ride that is helping to make this movie a one stop destination for blockbuster cinematic fun:

Upcoming films were,of course, the ones that most fan folk were eager to see and in particular Harry Potter people as Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them was given a full fledged trailer.

 This new story set in the Potterverse takes place in America(long before Harry and his friends existed) as a visiting British wizard named Newt Scamander(played by Eddie Redmayne) accidentally releases some of his specimens upon New York City.

The chief concern for the Magical Congress of the United States(their version of the Ministry of Magic) is that the muggles in their country will be quick to join forces with the New Salem Philanthropic Society's goal of destroying all wizards and witches upon their shores. 

Therefore, it's up to Newt and his new colleagues to save the day on more than one front. Seeing J.K. Rowling's world expand like this should be fun and perhaps lead to other amazing adventures with her characters both on and off screen:

 Speaking of legendary characters, the newest take on the tales of Camelot stars a former Son of Anarchy and has the fast paced director of Lock,Stock and Two Smoking Barrels at the helm.

 Charlie Hunnam plays the title role in King Arthur: Legend of the Sword, more of a rough and tumble guy than a knight in training. When he does happen upon that certain sword in the stone, that instant ascension to power brings on a lot of trouble with enemies like Vortigen(Jude Law) ready to shut him down.

This is certainly a rather down to earth take on the Arthurian story and it just might work. Ritchie has done well with his revamps of the Sherlock Holmes films and Hunnam is definitely a solid actor who can make this character smartly believable. The movie won't be out until 2017,so it's too soon to tell yet there is a chance that this could be the jolt that the sword and sorcery genre needs:

 The small screen wasn't neglected,however, as promos for new seasons of genre heavy shows like Gotham,Prison Break and iZombie were showcased as well.

Personally, I was thrilled to get a glimpse of what's in store for The Flash as the second season ended with Barry using his time travel powers to reset his reality. Season three will be giving us the results of that twist of fate but clearly, there are consequences that our hero did not expect to deal with.

This should be even more fun that last season, although I do hope that we get another crossover with Supergirl since she's heading to the CW this fall(reruns of S1 will be airing on Mondays in August):

The showstopper for many of us was the Wonder Woman trailer, which really looks promising there. Starting off in WWII is the right choice and true to the character's origins,plus Gal Godot is instantly credible as Amazonian princess Diana.

Chris Pine seems to be another smart choice as Steve Trevor and having comic book favorite Etta Candy on board(played by Lucy Davis) a good choice,too, not to mention including Diana's female warrior folk and her royal mother into the mix all adds up to a possible smashing debut there.

I hate to be so hesitant but trailers can be deceiving and we've waited an amazingly long time for Hollywood to do this right. Out of all the features displayed at Comic Con this year, this first look at Wonder Woman is going to be remembered the most and with any luck, be looked back upon as a sign of greater things to come. That's something we really need right now, in more ways than one:

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