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Thursday, August 04, 2016

Simmer down with your Suicide Squad goals,fellow fans!

We're on the eve of what could be the biggest comic book movie of the summer and it is to be expected that many of the film critics out there will and already have given their less than favorable opinions on it.

Suicide Squad has a lot to tackle, as it's a late summer release and coming on the heels of the major disappointment that was Superman Vs. Batman: Dawn of Justice. Yet, many of us feel that the movie could be to DC what Guardians of the Galaxy was to Marvel around this same time last year; a shot in the dark that paid off handsomely.

However, that good fortune might be held back from Suicide Squad due to a petition asking that the website Rotten Tomatoes be shut down(granted, the petition's author did walk back his position, saying that this was just meant to send a "message" to naysayers).

Going after Rotten Tomatoes,which merely collects the reviews out there and crunches the numbers to judge a movie's critical feedback, is simply a case of attacking the messenger instead of dealing with the actual message:

Don't get me wrong, I am all for this movie doing well at the box office and hope that's it's a fun wild ride for all concerned. However, a petition like this only makes fans appear to be immature and there's enough of that perception of comic book readers and movie goers as it is without adding fuel to that fire.

Instead, it would be smarter to encourage folks to check the movie out on opening weekend and see for themselves. A film like this doesn't need praise from professional critics, it needs fan love and good word of mouth to make it successful.

 Even people who are already inclined to see Suicide Squad might need an extra push since not everyone is on board with the casting(Jared Leto's Joker is something I'm just accepting for the sake of seeing a cool Harley Quinn as Margot Robbie looks to be) for one. And yes, there will probably be changes from the classic depictions of certain characters to deal with but flipping the script is pretty commonplace both in the comics and their film counterparts, so let's chill about that,too:

Instead of dreading another dismal DC Comics flick, let us hope for better things. After all, we do have plenty of solid actors here,including the amazing Viola Davis,the visuals seem fine and a good number of lesser known characters will be introduced to mainstream audiences,gaining some new fans perhaps.

Sure, it would be nice to have a comic book based film get both critic and audience love yet sometimes, you need to make do with what you have and make the best of it. DC Comics has been having more misses than hits in this arena which is due to how the studios have been handling the films rather than the critical response.

Sure , it would be great to have someone like Christopher Nolan back again or even a Michael Mann type of director to set these films on the right artistic course. Maybe we will see that in the future but for now, we need to relax and enjoy the show. I really think that Harley Quinn will be our breakout star and here's hoping that she gets a solo movie out of this:

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