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Friday, September 09, 2016

Some pop culture elections we'd rather vote in

Regardless of what political leanings you may have, I think it's safe to say that the one thing we all agree on is that the end of this current presidential election cycle will be a welcome relief.

Since the remainder of this crazy campaign roller-coaster ride will be taking up some time on the new fall TV season, I thought that we could take a break from that three ring circus by switching over to a few reruns that dealt with politics in a more entertaining in a good way manner.

 All of these highlighted shows had election follies that did have their share of contention yet managed to be more believable that some of the things we've seen in reality so far this year:

EVERYBODY LOVES RAYMOND: One episode had Debra Barone running for president of the PTA against Bill Parker, Ray's occasional nemesis. The first big stop on her campaign was a pot luck dinner at the school, with Parker making a good impression by bringing a beef tenderloin that even Ray took a liking to.

Of course, Ray wasn't really prepared to be Debra's "First Lady"as his attire and attitude showed. In fact, his main concern was in getting as much of the beef as he could when that prime opportunity presented itself:

GILMORE GIRLS: Someone much more prepared to be the supportive spouse was Sookie St. James, when her husband Jackson decided to take on Taylor Doosie for Town Selectman.

Their campaign was so successful that Lorelai took pity on Taylor and persuaded a few people to give him a few sympathy votes. He still lost but not at the humiliating tally of zero.

Sookie,however, was thrilled to have such a decisive victory that even the louder than expected celebration song from Hep Alien was sweet music to her ears:

MAMA'S FAMILY: While Thelma Harper did run for Mayor at one point, the more amusing campaign was between her and nervous nelly neighbor Iola Boylan. 

Thelma was determined to remain the president of the Church Ladies' League but Iola was put up as a candidate and wasn't about to be a mere pawn in her old friend's game. Both ladies gave as good as they got, particularly since their friendship gave each of them perfect aim for mud slinging:

BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER: In Season Three, Buffy and Cordelia competed for the title of Homecoming Queen, a challenge that was nearly worse than any monster they faced together.

While Buffy did have the social skills to pull this off, Cordy was always one step ahead of her in rounding up support from the student body as well as the Scoobies.

The tension between them did get rather toxic but fortunately, being targeted by a group of supernaturally inclined bounty hunters helped to mend their broken fences. Granted, Buffy and Cordy were never besties but their frenemy status did give each of them a healthy balance to their personalities:

So, let us console ourselves during the end run of this seemingly endless presidential campaign by taking a pop culture time-out every once in a while there.

After all, if things do get worse, we do have the Paris Geller option. If anyone can get both sides of the political aisle in agreement, it would be the walking powerhouse that is Paris Geller(who I would vote for president in a heartbeat):

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