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Friday, February 24, 2017

Some pre-Oscar Night thoughts

Well, folks, Oscar night is almost upon us and if you're like me, this is your Super Bowl. Granted, I haven't seen all of the nominated films and yes, the show will run long but it's a grand entertainment that I wouldn't want to miss out for anything.

It is interesting to see that ,despite the multiple nominations for a certain film, that many of the wins for the main categories are not so predetermined. That's good as a sweep does tend to take the fun out of things especially for a movie with a little too much insider love being lavished over it.

So, as a long time Oscar watcher, I have a few thoughts and hunches about what may win,lose or draw this Sunday but please don't take these as predictions. My guesses are pretty much fifty-fifty there. However, for some of these, I do hope that I'm right for the artist's sake:

VIOLA'S YEAR: In the acting categories, we do get the sense that it is one particular person's time to be honored and for this year, Viola Davis is more than due her Oscar.

This is her third nomination, for Fences, which is up for Best Picture and Best Adapted Screenplay(I would be surprised if it didn't win that one), and even though Suicide Squad wasn't a major summer hit, her performance in that film is seen as one of the highlights. Not to mention that she's truly killing it every week on How to Get Away with Murder(I know some film folk still hold TV work against movie actors but that standard is starting to fade away).

It also looks as if Denzel Washington will be joining her for a win, as Casey Affleck doesn't seem to be as quite the shoo-in for Best Actor as he once was. That would be awesome to see, as this movie was truly a labor of love for all involved:

A HIDDEN WIN?: Speaking of some bets that are no longer sure, many are speculating that La La Land may lose out in some categories to Moonlight, which is gaining more and more of a stronger following.

If that happens, that's great but for some strange reason I feel that there is a chance for Hidden Figures to take home Best Picture. The movie has slowly yet surely amassed a solid audience even before the nominations were announced and has won a few awards already, including the SAG for Best Ensemble Cast.

Hidden Figures only has three nominations in total, which does make it hard to maintain a lead here, but there was just a certain something in the air that night when the cast got that SAG award, an amazing feeling of love and support that makes me think that we might see a real surprise in this category. Could be wishful thinking on my part but either way, Hidden Figures is definitely a story worth celebrating:

 OVE-LOOKED?: The Best Make-Up category is one of my favorites, as it does get some of the most odd nominations. This year, we have Star Trek Beyond, Suicide Squad(more on that one in a moment) and A Man Called Ove, which is also up for Best Foreign Film.

A Man Called Ove is based on a Swedish novel by Fredrik Backman and it's the story of a cranky old man whose only joy in life seem to be tormenting his neighbors. However, his interactions with a new couple help him to remember what was good about the world.

The book has become an international bestseller and while it may sound like a simple tear jerker, this story has gotten good reviews from film and literary critics alike. While it may not win any awards on Oscar night, A Man Called Ove sounds like a movie to look out for and could be a true cinematic gem:

SINISTER SING ALONG: I do find it amusing that Suicide Squad is up for an Oscar and a Razzie(more than one in the latter case) this year. The movie wasn't everything that I hoped for but it did deliver in the Best Make-Up category.

It also could have had a Best Song nomination, since a couple of the tunes on the official soundtrack were written just for the film as rules mandate. Certainly, "Heathens" by Twenty One Pilots was an outstanding number, judging by the recent Grammy wins for that song.

Plus, it's a wickedly fun musical ride that offers plenty of menace and mirth, which the movie should have had more of. At the very least, it would have been a blast to see it performed on the Oscar stage:

As to my other Oscar guesses, it's likely that La La Land will get about half of the awards that it's up for(Best Director is a certain there) and along with Emma Stone for Best Actress,  Mahershala Ali will get Best Supporting Actor for Moonlight. Also, Zootopia for Best Animated, Moana's "How Far I'll Go" for Best Song(keeping my fingers crossed on that one) and Manchester By The Sea for Best Original Screenplay.

However it goes, Oscar Night is intended to be a celebration of the best in cinema and with any luck, the end results will reflect that.  That goes for Jimmy Kimmel as well, who should be a good host even if he falls back on a Matt Damon joke or two:

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