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Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Sprucing up my Spring Reading with a little book haul

While we still have a bit of wintery weather lingering about, my sister and I had a nice headstart on spring by checking out a new movie(Power Rangers and it was okay) and doing some shopping.

My shopping included a couple of books, one of which was inspired by a library haul. I so enjoyed Lauren Graham's memoir,Talking as Fast as I Can, that picking up her debut novel was a must for me.

 Someday,Someday,Maybe takes place in NYC during 1995 as hopeful actress Franny Banks is on the last leg of her life goal to be a successful actress within three years. As the deadline grows closer, she is desperate to find a part that lasts longer than a thirty second commercial.

With pressure from her father, difficulty in getting her agent to return her calls and a possible romance with a cad of an actor, Franny has a hard time juggling all of these balls in the air but when the chance at a breakthrough role comes along, she isn't sure if this is the brass ring worth grabbing for. Graham has such a light and lively style that this book should make for a charmingly relaxing read as the warm days of spring and summer approach:

 I paired that purchase with Warleggan, the fourth book in the Poldark series by Winston Graham. As I'm a fan of the new TV adaptation that airs on PBS, this was also a must-have although I still have to read Jeremy Poldark(book three) first.

For those unfamiliar with Poldark, Warleggan is the last name of the family that regularly harasses leading man Ross and friends, whether trying to frame him for a crime he didn't commit or stealing his former love interest Elizabeth. George Warleggan acts like a frenemy at times and insists that Ross is the one against him due to his family being new money.

However, the real reason that Ross and George are always at odds with each other is that one man feels he has to prove something to the other and that morals are for lesser people. Granted, Ross has plenty of flaws of his own to shade his character but at least he has some character to begin with. Warleggan is one of those classic villains that you just love to hate, on or off the page:

I did a little book borrowing as well, since I had a book due back at the library that could not be renewed. The Excellent Lombards by Jane Hamilton is set at a family apple orchard in Wisconsin, one that has in been in the family for about four generations and daughter Mary Frances,aka Frankie, is determined to continue that tradition.

However, the failing health of her father and the failing finances of the farm are making it increasingly hard to hold onto that dream. As she grows up and is encouraged to go out into the world, Frankie has to choose between keeping the home fires burning or seeking a new path in life to explore.

It's been awhile since I read Jane Hamilton but her style of subtle tones and gradual emotional shifts I do remember fondly,so this should be an interesting read to engage with:

Before I left the library, I was happy to find that Jennifer Weiner's Hungry Heart was readily available. As a fan of her novels, I've been looking forward to reading this set of personal essays about her life, with such topics as her family relationships, the art of writing and dealing with social media to dive into.

The latter subject has gotten Weiner both positive and negative attention over the past few years but at least she does make amends for her mistakes(unlike some people in positions of power out there). I started reading the book as soon as I got home and can't wait to go back for more. Her heartfelt style and lively energy that makes her fiction so engaging also works well in the nonfiction side of the publishing pool as well:

All in all, a pretty good book haul there yet I still have to get used to library due dates again. Don't get me wrong, I appreciate being able to have access to such wonderful books and want to share them with others. It's just the whole getting them back there at a convenient time that's a tad tricky. Then again, there are worse problems to have and I'm happy to have such a minor one to deal with, in times like these:


Michelle Miller said...

Nice haul! I need to start the Poldark series. I have the first three books.

I have two orders coming from Better World Books. One of them I ordered back on March 8th and it's still not here! I just submitted a ticket because I'm growing concerned.

There's going to be a lot of great reading going on this spring, especially with Spring into Horror and Dewey's coming up in April.

lady t said...

Thanks, Michelle-I'm looking forward to Spring Into Horror and even have a few books lined up for it(yes, one of them will be a Stephen King reread). Best of luck with the late BWB order, I know all too well how frustrating that can be!

Michelle Miller said...

Just had a response to my ticket and they believe the older order is lost. :-( They refunded my money because they didn't have replacements. I'll have to check their site next time they have a sale to see if I can order at least some of them again. Let's hope my newest order doesn't get lost as well.

A Stephen King reread will be perfect for Spring into Horror. I'm also hosting a read along of IT in June, July, and August. Looking forward to the movie coming out this fall.