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Wednesday, June 21, 2017

The three Gs of my Summer TV

We're in a bit of an in-between time with current television, as many of the regular season shows are either finished or about to be finished with their run and not many of the summer series are up and about just yet.

For me, I try to keep my viewing needs simple during the summer months and I have earmarked a trio of shows to keep up this season that happen to all start with the letter G. First up is The Great British Baking Show, making it's fourth season on PBS that will be the last one for judge Mary Berry along with hosts Mel and Sue.

It's sad to see those fine ladies leave but in the meantime, we do have their delightful company as the baker's dozen of contestants battle it out over batter and pastry. The real charm of this show is the relaxed atmosphere and good natured friendship among the bakers, who are truly out to win for the honor of competing.

 Granted, folks do get nervous during certain challenges(especially those showstoppers!) but are always supportive of one another, which is not something you see often on any competition series and perhaps we should. TGBBS airs at different times across the country but in my neck of the woods, it's on Sundays at four in the afternoon, the perfect tea time to sit back and enjoy the sweet bliss of English treats:

Next up is GLOW, a fictional take on the female wrestling show that sprouted up in the 1980s. Alison Brie plays Ruth, a struggling actress who finds unexpected fame as one of the "gorgeous ladies of wrestling"and some new friendships along the way.

Of course, she has to deal with the lackluster direction given by Sam(Marc Maron), who used to put out B-horror flicks and a personal and professional rivalry with Deb(Betty Gilpin),her former best friend. Netflix will have the entire first season available on June 23 and as a fan of the original GLOW, I can barely contain my excitement at seeing this satirical salute to those wacky wrestling divas of yesteryear:

Of course, the truly big G for me is Game of Thrones, which will airing it's seventh season this July on HBO. There's a lot at stake here, with Dany finally reaching Westeros, Cersei holding the Iron Throne and the forces of the Night King on the move.

This will be a tricky season for both readers and non-readers of the G.R.R. Martin books that the series is based as the last two installments have not yet been published. Odds are that they will be once the show is over,in my opinion, as that way, no one in the audience will have advanced knowledge of what's to come.

That's fine with me, as I know enough from the books to be invested while enjoying the changes made to the story line as part and parcel of such a grand viewing experience. No predictions but I do hope that Tyrion gets to ride a dragon and that Littlefinger finally gets what's coming to him, not to mention seeing Dany square off against the remaining Lannisters. Thank the gods that we have such fine event TV to keep us cool during the cruel summer ahead:

Sure, there may be a few other shows that I'll check out this summer but it's not that often that you have three Gs lined up like this,except for Guy's Grocery Games, which I do watch. It's a cooking competition set in a supermarket-how could you not love it? Anyway, whatever letter of the alphabet fills your viewing basket this season, I hope it's as plentiful as Flavor Town Market appears to be(yes, that's a corny name but hey, it's just a show that lets you really just relax):

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