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Friday, March 23, 2018

More Marvel-ous times ahead of us at the Movie Trailer Park

Despite DC working on a few more big screen projects such as a Wonder Woman sequel and an Aquaman movie, it's no surprise that Marvel is continuing to rule the cinematic roost. With that in mind, let's look over their current stack of trailers:

Following up the ground breaking and box office records setting success of Black Panther, the next hot ticket item on deck is Avengers:Infinity War that brings just about every prior Marvelverse character together in order to defeat the universal threat that is Thanos(Josh Brolin).

I know plenty of jokes are already being made about how supposedly "never done before" this movie match-up is but you do have to admit that getting Iron Man,Thor,Spiderman and all of the Guardians of the Galaxy(along with a huge host of others) onscreen at the same time is a neat trick to pull off there:

Not too long after that, DeadPool 2 will be out and about, giving us more of that wacky Wade Wilson R-rated charm. Here, he has to protect a young mutant from Cable(Josh Brolin again, why does he get all of these cool MCU roles?), who is out to destroy the kid for an unknown purpose.

To that end, Wade sets up a gang of other young mutants(including a certain high powered yet silently sarcastic one from the last film) to aid him in this mission. Yes, the love of his life Vanessa is also here, along with that feisty roommate of his who says quite the memorable line in this trailer.

A movie like Deadpool is hard to repeat but it appears that they're keeping tongue firmly in cheek yet again and hopefully, this second wild ride will be better than before:

Just in time for summer, another superhero sequel with a humorous yet less intense tone will be popcorn ready.

 Ant-Man and the Wasp gives our leading man Scott Lang(Paul Rudd) a partner in crime fighting as Hope Van Dyne(Evangeline Lily) takes on the mantle and high tech suit of the Wasp, a persona once meant for her mother.

I have to admit that the first Ant-Man movie was one that I was prepared not to like but found myself enjoying immensely. This second outing promises to be just as much fun and how can you resist a giant Hello Kitty Pez dispenser being used as a weapon against the bad guys, I ask you?:

Honestly, the only non Marvel trailer I saw out there was The Incredibles 2 and since that happens to be a Disney/Pixar production, it's not entirely free of that cinematic connection.

The story line for this long awaited follow-up has former hero Mr. Incredible(voiced by Craig T. Nelson) playing Mr. Mom as his equally super powered wife Elastigirl(Holly Hunter) is back in the crime fighting game.

While she's trying to be a good reason for regular folks to trust supers again, her hubby is getting to know the powers of his kids better(including multi-talented baby Jack-Jack) and figuring out his place in the possible new world order.

 I do find the plot to be rather sitcom-ish for this sequel yet, the original film did have some of that vibe as well, using it to subvert the norm. Hopefully, that will work out well this time around:

 As much as I do want to give DC a chance, Marvel is still way ahead of them in the movie making arena and while I look forward to the next Wonder Woman movie(for the record, Kristen Wiig should make for an interesting Cheetah), my expectations for any other good DCU films are quite mid range at best there.

Meanwhile, I need to check out Spiderman: Homecoming sometime soon as Venom is set to appear onscreen this fall. Granted, Peter Parker is not going to be in this one but those two are going to cross paths at some point(especially if Venom spins a nifty cash catching web at the box office),so ought to catch up while I can!:

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