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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Harry Potter and the Attack of the Spoilers

With only a few short weeks away from it's offical release date,the final Harry Potter book is currently under siege from one of the worst evils known to fandom: deliberate spoilers. Recently,a hacker claimed to have gotten into the computers of Bloomsbury(the UK publishers of HP)and to have discovered the ending,which he wishes to share with the world in order to keep people away from he feels is a "godless" book. I for one wouldn't trust the words of such a person with Voldemortian motives but I did see what he claimed was the finale and no,I'm not going to repeat his claims here.

As an adult,I can take spoilers or leave them but it's really mean to do this to kids. Kids have enough things spoiled them for them over the course of growing up,like the truth about Santa and the Tooth Fairy and that nobody lives forever,without ruining Harry Potter's ultimate fate in the bargain. Many of the Potter sites are respecting JK Rowling's wishes and have a "no spoilers" policy. Bloomsbury has beefed up their security even more than usual and hopefully,that will keep the lid on any early revelations for the moment.

This doesn't mean that we can't speculate on what might happen in the book. That's one of the fun things about reading a story with others,the "what do you think?" conversations,the debates over who's really in love with whom(I spotted the Ron/Hermoine hook-up in the making ever since Prisoner of Azkaban,since they-to qoute my favorite Scoobie,Willow-argue way too much),the mystery solving skills of folks trying to see if they can hunt down the clues Rowling may or may not have placed in the earlier books.

Most of the Sinister Spoiler Crew are not overeager fans of the books,plenty of them think that most of the grown-up readers are laughable geeks who deserve to be openly mocked. I'm the first to admit that there are loads of folks over the age of 21 who get way too involved in living in a fantasy world but a good portion of the older Potter fans are just enjoying a great story and using Harry Potter as a release from the everyday stress of their lives. Is that such a cultural crime? People like that were pleased as punch to ruin the big shocker of The Half Blood Prince(if you haven't read book 6 yet,don't watch this clip. I'm only including it as an example of what these jokers like to do)and will probaly try to do the same for Deathly Hallows:


Why be such a bully and stomp on the happiness of others,like a nasty thug who chuckles while frying up ants using the sun and a magnifying glass? So not cool. Whatever happens to Harry and his friends and foes will not please everyone but we should all find that out at the proper time together. I wasn't crazy about how the Sopranos wrapped up but atleast I was honestly surprised ,the way the writer intended the audience to be. Rowling's work has more than earned that same respect.


Robin Brande said...

Lady T, I SO agree with you. Those people are just bullies. They're puppy-kickers. They have no real friends because they are miserable people.

When I saw the title of your post I was almost afraid to read it, but then I realized you were none of the above, and I was safe with you.

Here's to keeping ourselves out of the way of spoilers for just a few more weeks!

lady t said...

Thanks,Robin-maybe we should get buttons or T-shirts that say "I refuse to be spoiled for Harry Potter 7!".

Pop Culture Diva said...

I agree with both of you. What happened to the element of surprise? Especially for such a beloved book. The internet has become a haven for mean-spirited people who want to take the joy out of reading and movies.