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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Dates From Hell and other mixed media

So,I finished up Dates From Hell this morning and can wholeheartedly recommend it-the Kelley Armstrong story"Chaotic"(which is about a tabloid reporter who runs into a werewolf jewel thief on her rather bad blind date)had a nice mini action movie vibe to it and the finale,Lori Handeland's "Dead Man Dating" was fun. DMD's plot has a Plain Jane literary agent being pursued by an incubus and meeting the rogue demon hunter of her dreams(nice Buffy shout-out,btw). Worth your time,if you're into the genre or just curious about the authors profiled. It should be hitting a bookstore near you sometime next week,so keep an eye out for it!

In other news,American Idol's music theme tonight is the 1950s-a good decade of tunes to pick from but you never know what horrors to expect on stage. Hopefully,we won't be subjected to likes of Kevin singing"Part Time Lover"(that kid looks like a reject from the cast of Napoleon Dynamite,I swear!)in the music selection but he's not the only one to be on the look out for: Ace has pretty bland tastes. I can't even remember what he sang last week,all I can recall is that he didn't wear his trademark beanie. Paula and Simon click differently this season;last time it was all that "Opposites Attract" fighting but now,Paula has that Bitter Divorcee vibe wrapped around her like a cheesy mink stole.

Speaking of Bitter Divorcees,Tawny Kitaen looks to be the Prima Diva on the new Surreal Life and I am already sick of her constantly declaring her five time refusal to appear in Playboy(gee,we're not intimidated by the Playboy channel's Andrea Lowell being the resident hot girl,are we dear?). Having Mrs. Brady be the group advisor here is pretty cool(wonder what she thought of the season 4 hook-up between former Brady boy Christopher Knight and Adrienne Curry)and I hope that things will get even more wacky with the wrestler Maven joining the crew. The first thing that struck me about Alexis Arquette was his hair-it's a dead ringer for his sister Patricia's! Was that a coincidence or some weird sibling envy? Inquiring minds want to know.

Brokeback Mountain is due out(no pun intended)on video April 4,so if you didn't see it yet,you're gonna get your chance. I know that Crash was rereleased in theaters after it's big win but it doesn't seem to have made much of a box office dent. V For Vendetta,however,kicked some major ass and raked in 26.1 mil so far. I've ordered the original graphic novel as well as The Count Of Monte Cristo online right after seeing the movie(if you're scratching your head about the Dumas book,trust me it does tie into VFV's plot. Smart booksellers would do well to keep a few copies on their shelves). It's about time I read Dumas,anyway.

Well,that's all for now. Tune in next time,same blogger time,same blogger channel!

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